7 Holiday Gifts for Your Favorite Preschool Teacher

preschool teacher childPreschool teachers, more than anyone, are bombarded over the holidays with coffee mugs, Christmas ornaments, and enough #1 Teacher keepsakes to fill a spare bedroom. Think outside the box this holiday season, and give your child's preschool teacher a holiday gift that's truly unique and personal -- or, at the very least, useful in her classroom or everyday life.

Show your child's preschool teacher you truly appreciate her hard work in the classroom this year by getting a little creative and skipping all the typical teacher tschotskes. Really. She'll be so glad you did.

Here are seven great holiday gift ideas for your child's favorite preschool teacher.


child kids drawing artwork

Of course, the very best (and easiest!) gift idea for preschool teachers is a homemade card from your child. Teachers love to receive personalized artwork and notes (transcribed by mom or dad) from their students. It's a small but meaningful way for them to see the impact they make on their students. Ask your child to draw his teacher or his favorite activity at school. Then transcribe his words describing his teacher or the favorite activity inside the card.

starbucks card gift certificate

Gift certificates are the next best gifts to homemade cards or a generous addition to a thoughtful card. Think gift cards to the teacher's favorite coffee shop or bookstore, or gift cards for local grocery stores, movie theaters, and restaurants are always useful. Many gift cards for chain stores can be purchased online, which makes gift-buying super easy, and you might want to go in on one larger denomination gift card with other families or the whole class.

A gift that's useful and consumable is also a nice idea (I mean, how many coffee mugs can a person really save over the years?). Of course, consumable doesn't necessarily have to mean giant boxes of chocolate or sweets either -- another item teachers get by the boatload. There are many consumable gifts that are better than "one more box of chocolates."

handmade soap sampler

Gift the teacher a fun Handmade Soap Sampler (4 mini bars; $4.50) from Posh Wash Soap and made with natural ingredients. She can use these fun soaps in the classroom or take them home to enjoy.

boxwood mini wreath

This Boxwood Mini Wreath ($10) from The Keeper's House is a simple holiday decoration that your teacher can hang in the classroom or at home.

customized hand soap

If you're feeling a little crafty, here's a great way to customize a classroom staple, via Jill Means. Make personalized labels for the classroom hand soap, hand sanitizer, or even tissue boxes. A great way to remind your teacher she's special every day. Get the complete how-to over on Design Mom.

If you really want to get your child's preschool teacher a gift over a gift certificate or consumable item, here are a few unique ideas.

embroidered notebook

These Embroidered Notebooks ($28) from Pi'lo are quite lovely for the teacher who likes to write or keep organized notes.

terrarium tillandsia air plant ornament

This Hanging Terrarium with Tillandsia ($28) from Flora Grubb is an ornament, a living plant, and a science lesson all in one. Tillandsias are called “air plants" because they don't need soil. Just a misting with water a couple of times a week will keep your tillandsia happily living in its glass-bubble world. The perfect low-maintenance "pet" for the classroom.

Sure, it's the thought that counts when it comes to holiday gifts. However, a well-thought gift is especially nice, just like your child's preschool teacher.

What do you plan to buy or make for your child's preschool teacher?


Top images via terren in Virginia/Flickr, Children's Book Review/Flickr, and Starbucks

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