Kids Aren't Dogs; Don't Let Them Pee in Public


kid peeing in publicWe’re still in diapers and, admittedly, I haven’t put much time, thought, or effort into potty training my 22-month-old. So maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about here, but seriously ... isn’t it just a bit uncouth to lean your recently potty-trained toddler over curbs, shrubbery, and boutique shoe stores to pee? Yes, public peeing.

They’re toddlers, not street vagrants or dogs. What’s with this public urination trend that’s taking over my city? I’ve even seen some parents cradling their kids’ butts in such a way that they can poop in public!

Color me scandalized. I mean, why bring a plastic baggie when you could just bring an extra pair of pants?

Perhaps I’m a bit Victorian in my child-rearing, but I believe a good accident can go a long way in teaching proper elimination dos and don’ts and testing your child’s readiness for the responsibilities of a diaper-free lifestyle. I believe this whole public elimination thing is a result of premature potty training.

I swear, it’s the parents that brag about how early little Junior was out of diapers that I see using a pooper-scooper to clean up after him at the park. And those are the parents at fault for starting this now widely acceptable practice. It’s so pervasive that no one even bats an eye anymore; the art of the public lean has become a defacto fact of parenting, it seems. It’s the cool thing to do, for god’s sake! The other day my son yanked off his diaper so he could pee on a tree like the big kids.

I can’t help but wonder when phase two is supposed to kick in, you know, the part where you train them not to urinate and defecate in public?

Have you noticed a similar trend on your playgrounds? Have you ever done the public lean?

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lol yes I have. my now 2.5 year old I potty trained at 17 months. when he said he had to pee, he had to pee. I would let him pee behind trees and occasionally pulled over on the side of the road etc. Poop he could hold for a little bit and I never let him do that in public I could always find a bathroom or porta potty in time. I don't care AT ALL if someone else finds it "offensive" all I care about is that he was sleeping thro the night daiperless by the time he was 2 years old.  ONLY ONE nighttime accident so far since he started sleeping thro the night 6 months ago. Honestly potty training was a BREEZE and I think it was because I trained him young to go potty and not to sh*t his pants.

Sleep... SleepingBeautee

It is totally gross! My boys do not pee in public unless there is an extreme emergency. In fact they have peed in a soda bottle in my car before whipping it out in public. YUCK!

My sister does not feel the same way and her kids pee outside wherever they are. It really came back to bite her in the butt when she was at a memorial service for a close relative and she turned around to see her 4 year old peeing on a random headstone. O.o Damn was she embarrassed, and rightly so.



mommy... mommy.loves.2

Eck! I've never seen someone let their kids POOP in public! That is just gross!! (unless they are diapered of course)

hotic... hoticedcoffee

Barbaric.  We don't allow it, and my boys understand that peeing outside of the bathroom once you're old enough to use a toilet is just disgusting and unacceptable.  We have a very large yard with a heavily wooded surround, and I gotta say, playdates with other boys over the summer almost always involved my 2 boys telling some other kids that they were nasty for peeing in the woods like an animal.  There was one boy that I actually called his mother to come pick him up 2 hours early, because after he peed on the woodpile out back, he decided to pee on the slide in their climbing structure.  Pig.  That's EXACTLY why you don't teach kids that it's OK to pee outside - the mother tried to tell me that he'd "never done that before" - puh-lease.

Justa... Justamom283

I have at Disney World. I saw this mom let her son whip it out and go right on the sidewalk in front of everyone. She wasn't in line for a ride either like that would have been a good reason.  Ever since we saw that I tell my kids never step in a puddle anywhere because you don't know what kind of puddle it is.

catho... catholicmamamia

My children 'potty learn' when they are physically and mentally ready and we have not had any moments of public elimination!

moder... modernmom2010

"I’ve even seen some parents cradling their kids’ butts in such a way that they can poop in public!"

That's just disgusting, who does that??

Don't you moms realize that urinating/defecating in public is against the law?? Especially in a park where other children play that is just gross. And LAZY on the mother's part. Find a bathroom or bring a change of clothes. My child had an accident at the park but it was not a big deal b/c I carry extra clothes in my car. I also used to bring his little potty in the car with us when we were going on trips and he wasn't used to using public restrooms. If you let your child do it once, you never know when and where he will start doing it again for fun.

nonmember avatar Allboys

My children don't pee outside of a restroom unless we are on a long hike and there is none to be had. Although even then my three year old is a little weirded out by it. Anyway I have never in my adult life come across any parent who just lets their child pee at will in public places. So this seems a bit strange to me for anyone to have such a visceral reaction to unless of course you have personal experience with a parent who finds this behavior acceptable. Then I understand but maybe you should talk to them about it if you find it so disgusting, Or would that be to confrontational?

Toddl... ToddlerBrain82

We live in the woods and I really don't care if my little boy pees outside sometimes; I think there are much more important things to get up-in-arms about. The only time he's ever peed outside of a store or anything was once when he was on the verge of an accident and the woman in the store told me he couldn't use the toilet because of "insurance liability." We headed out to look for another toilet and he'd already whipped it out by the time I maneuvered the baby in the stroller out of the store.

nonmember avatar Amelia

Agree completely, I have a friend who thinks it's fine/cute/funny for her 3.5 yo daughter to pee everywhere - carparks, parks, gardens, the zoo etc. Mom holds her up and encourages her. Daughter has started pooping in public as well. Mom's attitude screams MY CHILD IS A HUGE EXCEPTION TO EVERY RULE - yeah good luck with that later, snort.

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