'Teen Mom' Reminds Us Grandmas Are Crazy Too


Farrah Abraham Teen MomFor a bunch of girls just barely old enough to vote, the Teen Mom crew seems to have a monopoly on mama drama. But adult moms are jumping on the bandwagon of Farrah Abraham lately because she's proving something we've been saying all along: Grandma is not always right.

As troubled as she may be (she's the mom who left her kid in a sink full of water and walked out of the room!), Abraham looks downright normal compared to the grannies in toddler daughter Sophia's life.

First there was Debra Danielson, Farrah's mom, who got arrested for domestic violence against Farrah. Now Stormie Clark, mother of Sophia's late father, Derek Underwood, has told the tabloids she will do anything and everything she can to get custody of a kid she says she barely knows.

Anyone else seeing a pattern here?

Teenager pisses off grandma, so grandma decides to ramrod her way through, and to heck with the consequences.

Now let's push up the age a few years. Twenty- or thirty-something mom decides not to spank, to cloth diaper, to breastfeed ... and her mom turns during babysitting duty, throws on a Pamper, fills a bottle with formula, and smacks that kid on the tush for touching the TV. Who's the adult now?

Grandparents tend to earn automatic respect because, gosh darnit, they raised kids of their own. They must know what they're doing.

Uh huh. So that's why so many pregnant women make a solemn vow with their significant other that they won't be like their mothers?

There are plenty of great grannies out there, don't get me wrong. My daughter tends to be spoiled to bits by hers, and most of it is good stuff. I don't have the patience for Chuck E. Cheese. My parents, bless them, are all over that trek into hell. And the 2.4 million grandparents raising their grandchildren deserve an unending song of praise.

But simply getting your kids to adulthood doesn't mean you did it well. Case in point: at least a scooch of that "my kid ended up on the show 16 and Pregnant" has to tie back to dear old Mom (and Dad).

Farrah doesn't have it all worked out. But neither do I. That doesn't mean my parents can raise my kid better.

Do you ever get tired of the praise for Granny?


Image via MTV

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ocmom... ocmommy2two

My soon-to-be ex-MIL is NOT a good grandmother. All three of her children are bad people. On the rare occasion that she did watch my daughter, she found it perfectly acceptable to give her 3 or 4 juice boxes and candy within two hours (I suspect to keep her quiet) while she sat on her computer and watched TV. I have nothing good to say.

Jr.s.... Jr.s.mommy

I am blessed to have a supportive mother who is willing to take care of my child whenever I need her to which isn't often. She even tries to come scoop up my son when I don't need her to do it. My MIL, on the other hand, is an okay grandmother, but I don't always agree with some of her methods. I know she would never harm my son, but sometimes I don't feel comfortable with letting her keep him.

nonmember avatar India

I haven't talked to my real mother since I was 17 years old, I have since given birth to 3 amazing beautiful children. She's bipolar an alcohlic and just abusive, I never want my children around that. My ex who 2 of my children are with well his parents live 15min away and haven't seen their grandchildren since my son was 2 (he's about to be 4) and only time they saw them before is when they wanted to be fake and act like good grandparents like at social events. My dad and my step mom are my childrens 1st set of grandparents, and my boyfriends family accepts and treats all my children like their own, their wonderful. And screw the other ones bc their missing out on something so great.

jacob... jacobsproudmom

i agree some r good but not all.

nonmember avatar Grandofmany

We have MANY grandchildren and love them dearly. BUT we are letting our kids raise them. All of them are responsible ADULTS unlike the teen moms on this show - that's the difference. Most of these sweet babies would have been far better off if they had been adopted.

tazdvl tazdvl

My exMIL thought she knew everything and thought I hd to do everything her way.

ethan... ethans_momma06

I didn't need teen mom to tell me that...

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