Are These the Most Ungrateful Kids in America?


Disney World surpriseGoing to Disney World is supposed to be every little kid's dream. So what happens when you throw your three kids in a car and drive 20 hours without telling them your true destination? If you reveal the surprise while you're sitting in a fast food joint in the middle of North Carolina, you get two kids who burst into tears and another one who looks at you like you've got two heads.

In other words: the most ungrateful twerps in America. Or, maybe just three kids who know their moms are crazy.


The two-year-old video suddenly went viral last week, and it has split reactions right in half. For every one thinking it's just plain hilarious, there are the people ragging on the parents for raising a bunch of brats.

Sure, blame the kids. It couldn't be their crazy parents for expecting them to be in good moods after 20 hours in a car and a pack of lies. They just tried to bribe them out of that back-aching, mind-numbing fresh out of the car state with a warning they'd spend the next few days standing on line waiting for something fun to happen.

I'd cry too.

And I LIKED my trip to Disney World.

But, come on, if you promise me a trip to see Uncle Dick, I don't want to go throw down crappy food and then throw it all back up on the loopedy loop. I want to see Uncle Dick. And then maybe we can hit the theme park.

I understand where they're coming from. You can't cook up a surprise like this without it coming from the heart. At the same time, you can't expect kids to have the best manners in this situation. The moms -- it was two sisters springing this on their kids -- meant well, but technically they didn't have the best manners themselves. They just flat out admitted they lied to their kids, and they expect them to be happy about it.

The mom who put this video up on YouTube labeled it "Not the reaction we were looking for." But she apparently wasn't expecting the 75,000 some-hits and negative reactions from the rest of America either. She says all's well that end's well: "We were only about 6 hours away after driving for almost 20 hours. We could not turn around and go back. The kids had a BLAST. They were EXTREMELY excited after the initial shock."

Are these kids really that ungrateful?



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xavie... xavierlogan09

they should have told the kids they were going disney world instead of lying. i would be mad too.

thedg... thedgoddess

Some kids just don't handle transitions as well as others.  Maybe they should have just told them where they were going, you know?

CherB... CherBearCM

Hell my mom was disappointed when my Aunt invited her over for homemade Thai food for her birthday and it ended up being a suprise party... with no THAI food!  She was looking forward to that food!  LOL 


Evans... Evansmommy91

I don't think they're spoiled, I think they just really wanted to visit Dick. That and the hooded one looks like he doesn't show much emotion anyway, and I'm not sure why the little girl started crying, lol...

nonmember avatar Jen

The kids aren't ungrateful. The problem is their mothers. Who the hell wants to be in a car for 20 hours? Not me, no adult I have ever known and certainly not young children. Not only that but they got lied to the entire time. If it was an hour long drive with the Disney surprise at the end, that would be more understandable. The two adults in the situation needed to be adults.

Proud... ProudSingleMum

And one more reason to not lie to your children. I think the kid's reaction was perfect....considering they were lied to. Ah well...some parents...just never learn.

LisaLulu LisaLulu

aw, look at their faces.  They are exhausted, out of their element and not comprehending what is being said.  People are so mean sometimes.  They are kids who are tired, hungry and not knowing what has been going on.  Put yourself in that situation and see how happy you would be if, say, your boss did that to you.

Lissete Diaz

i know i have fam i would be more excited to visit than a theme park so i get them lol

Chad Buckler

First of all, it tells you a lot about a parent who let's their child wear a fucking mohawk. So...given that, I understand why they were mad, I literally despise being lied to.

Anita... AnitaVersion2.0

The little ones are too young to even truly comprehend what DW really IS until they're there.  Their only experience is some Disney movies and books.  What they did know was they WERE looking forward to Uncle Dick and that was suddenly snatched away, for what they probably imagined was watching some Disney cartoons they already watch at home.  The older one -- meh, age-appropriate reaction.

The kids aren't brats, they were disappointed over something they had been excited about and just too young to understand the whole big awesome Disney World "world".

The moms weren't crazy or stupid, they were just a little misguided given the younger one's ages.  They meant it to be nothing but good.

Why all the criticism?  They all did what parents and kids do.  How about it was just a huge, and ultimately pretty hilarious, misunderstanding?

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