7 Ways Toddlers Make You Stronger


toddlers make you strongerNot all moms are born with the bravery gene. My daughter's school had a "reptile day" recently, and to someone who has an unbelievably irrational fear of snakes, this was not cool.

So I did what any parent would do, I begged my husband to drop her off and pick her up so I wouldn't run the risk of being in the same place as a snake before, during, or after those vile creatures slithered around the school.

Clearly, in this instance I wasn't able to step up and be Super Mommy for my little girl. Luckily, my husband stepped in as Super Man and my gal had a grand time telling him all about how she touched a snake and even volunteered to hold it. (OMG!!! I can't even believe I just typed that!)

However, in many ways I have learned how to be brave as a result of being a caretaker for my little ones. Here are 7 ways my toddler has helped me overcome my fears and be a stronger mama.

Killing spiders -- Pre-kids, if a spider came my way, I might silently pray it just go on its way without any intervention on my part. Now I can squash that sucker before any short people around me have even noticed a creepy in their midst.

Scary parts in movies -- Initially this was a "fake it 'til you make it" situation. But now I can watch that maniacal kid-catcher in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang while covering my daughter's eyes and staring down the black-clad hatter.

Mice -- Mice happen. It's time to get off the chair, set a trap, and learn what to do after the trap goes off, all while shielding your babies from the horror.

Growing old alone -- Unless you're a total jerkwad parent, you'll have a companion in the golden years to help you realize what you've accomplished in life.

Lice -- If someone told me I'd be able to nit pick without vomiting all over my child's head, I would've bet them all I had that they were wrong. Turns out, I can tackle the bugs with the best of them.

Turbulence -- It's not the flying, it's the turbulence that makes me grab the armrest in a death grip. However, screaming on an airplane with your toddler is really not a great idea. Now I hold on to my kids and pretend I'm just giving them intense love squeezes instead of "dear god let me live" squeezes.

Snakes -- Okay, I'm not over this one. But I'm sure you mothers that are only a little squeamish will do just fine when your kiddo brings home a pet garden snake. If you're not, please feel free to call me to commiserate.

How has your toddler helped you be a braver person?


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Proud... ProudSingleMum

Bees and spiders. I still don't like either of them. Now I say things like "It's okay, it's just a bug, we'll kill it and we will be fine"...while in my head I'm think "Oh dear God!!!", HAHA.


My son got stung 3 times at once 2 summers ago, twice in the back of the leg and once on the thumb. It was awful...and he's been terrified since. So...I do everything I can to reassure him....plus in one of those...you can only understand if you're a parent moments...I hope that if it's going to sting...it gets me instead.

nonmember avatar Christine

Being a Mommy with severe anxiety and depression, I can honestly say my dear daughter is the reason I get out of bed in the morning. On the days I would have just stayed in bed all day before being a Mommy, I now get up because I know I am not only needed, but wanted by my princess.

Mommy... MommyTurtle1985

 I had to learn to get over my " I really don't want to meet new people" problem. Hubby and I were just happy going on in our happy little world not having to talk to anyone...it was great. Now with both kids in school, i joined PTO and have been volunteering alot in the schools and the community. All because of our kids.  Not all people suck....just most.  I loved this article, its was very insightful and it made me laugh  Thank you for sharing.

Tiffany Fisher

i also have severe anxiety as well as depression, and my kids are my reason for doing most of what ido

tazdvl tazdvl

bees, hate them but don't let my kids know.

nonmember avatar Becki

Turbulence is great! My LO falls asleep once turbulence hits. It's the rocking motion she likes, I guess.

Peajewel Peajewel

Gosh, I don't even know but I am sure there is something...there has to be.  I am not bothered by bugs and such but I cannot kill anything...I "catch and release". 

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