Strawberry Shortcake: A Stereotype Buster 30 Years Ago?


strawberry shortcake 30The coolest item in my kid's closet stands up today as totally of the moment -- it's a two-colored sweatshirt, white with yellow sleeves and a yellow hood. Emblazoned across the front is Strawberry Shortcake as she used to look.

As she looked when the sweatshirt was made in 1982 or so. With her stereotype-busting crew that was decades ahead of its time.

It's vintage and totally cool. And I'm totally old. Which was confirmed when I got a notice from the folks at Hasbro the other day. Strawberry Shortcake has a new 30th anniversary toy set out this fall.

Did you read that one ladies? The berry girl and pals are 30.

I remember her from when she still looked like the country girl in the 30th Anniversary Collection Hasbro sent to The Stir last week (she's packaged with the original Orange Blossom and Raspberry Tart too -- my husband was moaning the lack of Lemon Meringue, who he picked up in Toys R Us last week just to smell and wanted to take with him everywhere).

Memory is a funny thing -- I recognized them all instantly, although I didn't know (but the box revealed) that these were the three original dolls. As a white girl growing up in the '80s, they were simply part of the landscape to me. Favorites, for sure, but there was nothing to mark them as "super special to me."

Looking back now, I'm pleased to see they offered options to girls who weren't blond-haired, blue-eyed children faced with the typical '80s toys.

Strawberry was a redhead! Orange Blossom was a girl of color! In the '80s! When all my dollies looked like me: White. With blue eyes. And blond hair.

They looked like my daughter to be honest, which is why I'm always happy to oblige her Strawberry Shortcake love. I was even happy to see a Strawberry Shortcake remote control car in the new line -- because god forbid girls play with toy cars.

Is the multicultural, real girl approach the reason Strawberry's still going strong at 30?


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abels... abelsmama07

AHHHHHHH, stawberry shortcake.  Just another reminder my 30th is just weeks away.  :)

Being the youngest of three girls in the 80's... shortcake ruled our house.  I totally remember we FINALLY got our big dolls.  Me, being the youngest, of course got Strawberry Shortcake, my oldest sister got Baby Apricot, and my middle sister got Lemon Meringue.  Well, she was miffed that I got Strawberry Shortcake, so she shoved a taco chip in poor Lemon Meringue's mouth, so she could never blow puffs of lemon scented air ever again.

nonmember avatar Christine

I never thought about Strawberry and her friends as any type of stero type or lack there of. As a kid she was just my FAVORITE doll. Being 2 at the time I do not remember this, but my mom has a picture for proof ~ I used to want Strawberry to eat real food with me! As I got a little older (sorry Strawberry) but I moved on to Cabbage Patch Kids which I loved because they had round faces just like I had! Now my 4 year old daughter likes both Strawberry and Cabbage Patch and I LOVE that she does!! No Strawberry or friends survived my many bath times with them, but I gave my daughter my two Cabbage Patch dolls and she has two of her own. FYI ~ she also loves My Little Pony.....ahhhhh..... the good old toys!! :)

Marz31 Marz31

Oh man, I had Lemon Meringue and Angel Food Cake and LOVED smelling the heck outta those things! I had the strawberry playhouse....oh and the record with Sugar, Sugar on it. I'd dance around the living room. Yup, and I was 5 when they came out. I believe my dolls were in the bag that my dad thought was garbage, my original Cabbage Patch Kid from 1983 was in there too. and my Koosa!!!!

momof... momoflilangel

My daughter and I both have red hair and my daughter LOVES anything strawberry shortcake. The toys are easy to find but anything else is hard to find. (clothes, decorations, etc.)

nonmember avatar Nicole

I have all my dolls - Lemon Meringue, Strawberry Shortcake, Baby Apricot and Angel Food Cake - and they all still smell great. I should find that disturbing but I don't.

My only question is why didn't Hasbro include their pets in this set?

wendy... wendy46121

Both of my girls ask me to get the the Strawberry Shortcake dolls, so yea I think theyre not going to have any problem selling. 

tazdvl tazdvl

My 4 year old loves Strawberry Shortcake.

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