The Tallest Toddler in the World!


There’s an old wives tale that says that you can predict how tall your toddler will grow by doubling their height at age 2. If this holds true, Karan Singh, a 2-year-old in India, is gonna be at least 9 feet tall. That’s right, at 2, this little bundle is already 4 feet, 5 inches! He’s believed to be the tallest toddler in the world.

It’s no big surprise that Karan inherited some height, as his father is 6 feet 7 inches, and his mom is -- get this -- a 7-foot, 2-inch basketball player. But still, this baby is almost as tall as some of my friends.

He was 13 pounds at birth, and his father said, “I had to throw away the baby clothes I'd bought for him and go to the market again. The people in the hospital told me to buy clothes designed for 1-year-old kids.”

world's tallest toddler

Karan is much taller than kids his own age.

Karan’s parents have high hopes for his future basketball career, and right now it’s a serious investment. His mom admits, “When Karan wakes up in the morning the first thing he does is ask for food and tea. Whenever he sees anybody eating, he asks for food .... He'd never stop eating if I didn't force him to."

This got me thinking about the advantages and disadvantages to having a very tall baby:


Car -- He can sit in a front-facing car seat at a very early age. My daughter is a little on the shrimpy side, and it seemed to be forever before she was safely (and happily) facing me in the car.

Entertainment -- He can go on better rides at the amusement park. These days, I’m afraid to take my kids to the rides because they are always being turned away from the fun ones.

Walking -- Longer legs mean longer strides. How I wish my kids could keep a reasonable pace when we go on walks.

Playground -- I bet he doesn’t get trampled at the playground. Often, my kids are overlooked and then, sadly, under-foot.

Costumes -- Easy solution to Halloween indecision: Just grab a regularly sized 2-year-old friend and dress them up as Tattoo and Mr. Roarke.


Clothes -- It probably seems like mere minutes have gone by before those Carters are too small.

Mislabeled -- Strangers, assuming he’s 3 or 4 (or 8) years older than he is, might think he’s mentally impaired. This happened to the child of a friend of mine, and he was only in the 97th percentile.

Diapers -- First off, would this height require Depends? If he’s not potty trained, diaper changes are gonna be awkward.

Future Spaz -- There is some research out there that suggests tall toddlers frequently develop into aggressive (often violent) big kids.

Tiring -- I have yet to meet a 2-year-old that doesn’t ask to be held or carried at some point in the day. That’s a lot to carry!

If this is kind of blowing your mind like it did mine, you should see all the pictures.

Is your child tall for his or her age?


Images via Facebook, Daily Mail

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Lesley 'Carter' Maly

My oldest was 21 inches when born and at 2 I forget her height but the doctors told me she could be up to 6'5!!!!!!

She is now 4 and is around 45/46 inches. She is taller than 1/2 the 1st graders in my mom's classroom! It is very hard to find pants for her because they are either not long enough and too tight or too loose and too long.

2rays... 2rays0fsun

Wow ! My oldest is tall for her age - at 4 she's taller than the kids in her preschool class (the older ones are 5). She was the 98 percentile as a baby for height and weight. My 6 month old seems on the same track...  21 lbs at last week checkup. She's too long for her baby carrier so we're looking for a new carseat. The cute fall clothes I bought in anticipation of 6-9 months she outgrew at 3 mos. She's our little chunker baby :)

2rays... 2rays0fsun

btw I just had to say, I love the word choice for "overlooked and then, sadly, under-foot." lol ... cute

Melan... MelanieLouise

Car -- actually, it doesn't matter HOW tall (or short) a child is. It's the proportion of the head to the body (extra weight) and the strength of the spinal column -- strength that is affected ONLY by age, not height. The longer rear facing, the better, because though you say "safely facing you," you're actually wrong. Your daughter would be SAFELY facing you if she were, say, 3 years old and rear faced for the maximum allowance of the best seat.

I can't even imagine the life expectancy for this poor little boy. "Giants" don't live as long as regular, shorter people. I think that would count as a "con," don't you?

xavie... xavierlogan09

my son was 22 inches at birth. he's 11 months now and 34 inches. he's taller than some babies that are older than him. i know he will be tall. his dad is 6'6 and all of my fiance's family is over six feet tall. he eat a  lot too. he grew out of his 0 to 3 months clothes before he was 2 months old. 

KayNe... KayNevLilSweet2

my daughter was under 19inches at birth but is now in the 98h percent tile for her height shes 36in. at 1 1/2

sodapple sodapple

my 4 yr old is the tallest of her class so it is amazing at the comments i get and the confusion with other people thinking she is older.

lu_n_... lu_n_libs_mama

My two and a half year old is 42.5in, and I thought he was tall! Wow! My eight month old is already 31in. Crazy kids!

Histo... HistoryMamaX3

You failed to mention that mom is extremely tall too... this is definitely genetic. There are often a lot of health issues combined with the extreme height. Poor guy, I hate to see it when genetics plays a part in making a kid different in ways that could ill-effect their health. :-(

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