Brawl at Toddler Birthday Party, Parents Should Have Skipped the Booze

A brawl in Cincinnati, Ohio (where else?), at a 3-year-old's birthday party resulted in arrests, broken bottles, and chairs.

According to CNN:

The princess birthday cake for a 3-year-old girl was one of the few things left untouched after a brawl that police said involved 75 people at a hall in suburban Cincinnati, Ohio.

Depressing, much?

The fight was apparently between the girl's biological father and her mother's boyfriend -- a relationship that is always likely to be fraught with tension even under the best of circumstances. Add some alcohol to that powder keg, light a match, and Kaboom!

What did they think would happen?


I have been to countless toddler parties over the last couple years and there is usually beer and wine. My husband usually has a beer or two and I usually abstain.

We have never served alcohol at my kids' parties, but that's mostly because none of the places where we hold them allow alcohol.

I'm not opposed to beer and wine at kids' birthday parties as long as the crowd can handle it. This crowd? Clearly couldn't.

Offering beer and wine at a child's birthday party when there was already tension is just not a smart thing to do. In general, guests that might get drunk should probably not be offered liquor in the first place. A 3-year-old's party should have juice boxes and milk, not Schnapps and Blue Ribbon. Save the heavy drinking for the grown-up parties.

It's all about moderation. My children see me imbibe the occasional beer and sometimes a glass of wine. I'm not a teetotaler, but I do think liquor numbs our inhibitions and our ability to discern right from wrong. When I'm drinking, my husband stays completely sober and vice-versa. If you think there's any chance your friends don't have those kinds of policies, maybe save the beer for another occasion.

What do you think of beer at toddler parties?


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