Safety Tattoos: Cool or Creepy?

safetytatsThere are few things more terrifying to a parent than the thought of losing your child.

Most of us have had at least one of those heart-stopping minutes where for just a second our toddler is out of sight, and in that brief instant, millions of horrible possibilities race through our minds about what could happen if they're separated from us.

We'd do anything to prevent one of them from happening, right?

What about tattooing your child? Would you go that far?


No, not with real ink, but with temporary tattoos.

Enter Safetytats, temporary tattoos for children. "The tat that brings kids back!" the tagline proclaims.

They're the brainchild of a mother who was worried about losing her children at an amusement park, so she wrote her phone number on their arms with markers. She told them if they got separated from her to have someone call.

A positive response from other parents prompted her to launch the company.

Pretty cool, huh?

Yes, the are, and cute too. I just can't help but find them a bit ... creepy.

Not just creepy because it could make demanding ransom really easy for kidnappers (unlikely, but you never know these days!), but because, like the ever-controversial child leash, it says we can't control our children. That there's a significant enough risk in going out in public with them that we must emblazon emergency information on their skin.

I know there are always what ifs, and just in cases, and better safe than sorry, but ... how far do we go? Maybe we should just microchip them and implant mobile tracking devices under their skin?

And like pool fences and safety latches and gates, don't they create just a tiny bit of false security? Don't you purchase such a product so you can worry a little less?

But if we have children who wander and go into crowded bustling places then we should remain as vigilant as ever, all the time. And know that we can't take our eyes of them for an instant.

Because even if someone sees them alone with their tattoo, it doesn't mean that someone is someone we'd want them to encounter.

Have you purchased safety tattoos? Would you?

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