Kelly Ripa's Survival Strategies


Photo by aidensmomma508

I'm often skeptical of parenting advice dispensed by celebrity moms who have nannies, personal trainers, and oodles of free time (yes, I'm a little jealous). But I found this WebMD article on Kelly Ripa's mom survival strategies refreshing and surprisingly insightful. After three kids -- her youngest is 4 -- she says she's finally figured out what works and what doesn't. Some of her sage advice:


Call your mom-- Many working moms find themselves isolated in the home-to-office-and-back daily dash. So make the time to reach out for been-there, done-that words of wisdom. “My mother and I are very different … but I call her all the time for advice!” Ripa says.

Don't be your kids' BFF-- An essential lesson in the laws of parenthood? “’No’ means ‘no,’” Ripa says. “Be a parent and not a friend. Basically, it’s my philosophy that doing the easy thing in the short term makes it harder for parents in the long run. Giving in when you want to say ‘no’ may quiet things down momentarily, but you’ll just have more of the same -- and then some -- down the road.”

Pace yourself on the guilt-- None of us is perfect -- and that includes parents. “I’m a flawed parent, but I work hard,” Ripa says. “I feel for all parents, because we’re all learning as we go.”

Does Ripa nail it or miss the mark?


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