'Parenting Sucks' Writer Has More to Say


love my children hate my lifeI Love My Children. I Hate My Life.

The cover of New York mag last July put into words what many (judging by the comments, anyway) moms are afraid to admit: Having children ruins your life.

Naturally, a backlash quickly followed, with a collective plea to stop whining and get on with it.

Jennifer Senior, the author of the lightning rod, received a huge amount of press, bouncing around to the TODAY show and hanging with Oprah's BFF, Gayle. And now Senior has a book deal, but her perspective is not in line with the moms she interviewed for the polarizing piece.

Which sounds pretty boring.

The press release explains:

... her new book will provide "clarity, insight, and affirmation on one of life's greatest choices."

So her parenting book will be more accurate, less white upper classist. Then what are we all going to talk about?

Come on, Senior! At least promise us you'll give some inside scoop into the moms you interviewed for the polarizing piece. Maybe a snapshot of a hungover mom putting her toddler on the couch in front of the TV with an open box of Cheerios. Or a wealthy woman who lunches and has a full-time nanny so she can attend her daily yoga class and twice-weekly therapy sessions. Give us something to freak out about, will ya?

Otherwise, I'm not sure if a tome on the wonders of parenthood is going to get you the aggressive clicks (or Amazon buys) of the moms who love to judge.

Would you read Jennifer Senior's new book?


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nonmember avatar Allboys

Yes I would read it, if only for the shock value. I will never understand people who actively dwell on thoughts that their children ruined their lives. What do they think those thoughts are doing to their children. After all thoughts equal action. If all you can think is how your kid is great but your life is shit now because of that child how good are you actually going to be as a parent? Children bring so much to your life not just a burden but and uplifting too. I wonder how many happy stay at home moms she interviewed for this book.

maine... mainemusicmaker

I don't know if I'd read it.  I don't think children "ruin" your life.  They change it.  Without a doubt....but not ruin it.  There's good days, bad days, and GREAT days, the same as if you didn't have children.

clean... cleanaturalady

I agree with mainemusicmaker.

tazdvl tazdvl

Well said mainemusicmaker

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