Fascinated by Toddler Tantrums

Sasha Brown-Worsham

Is anyone else totally obsessed with toddler tantrums?

Around these parts, we get a lot of storms. I liken my daughter's personality to a summer's day. She is sunny and wonderful and then all of a sudden the clouds roll in and all hell breaks loose. Sometimes we escape unscathed, but other times there is damage -- shingles missing from the roof, trees and power lines down.

It can be harrowing. And my son is even worse. They come from a long line of intense, passionate people, but I still sometimes worry it is not normal.

This is why I love YouTube. After a brief search, I can see 100 videos of children far worse than my own (or very similar) that all go a long way toward reminding me that I am not alone in my misery.

Here is a good one:

I have no great solution for these kinds of tantrums save for hope they outgrow them. My 2-year-old is notorious for his gut wrenching screams and "DON'T SAY THAT!!!" tantrums, so this one made me feel better.

We practice some ignoring, a little bit of time outs and a little bit of comforting. Recently my daughter, 3.5, has become responsive to back tickling, which is a great way to calm her down.

Do you have any techniques? Do you ever google things your kids do and feel better you are not alone?



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