When Does Duct Taping a Kid to a Wall Stop Being Funny?


duct tape kid to wallIf you have e-mail, you've seen the photo.

A little girl and her toy duckie have been duct taped to a wall in what's become one of the most popular "redneck discipline" forwards to make its way around the interwebs.

So why did that one get a big guffaw but Corde Honea is going to jail for doing pretty much the same thing?

Honea duct taped his girlfriend's toddler to the wall, and he was charged with "intentional child abuse" for the act.

His attorney argued it was a juvenile act by the 19-year-old Honea who never meant "to traumatize the child or hurt the child," says the Journal Star.

Like the photo above, the duct tape was affixed to the child's clothing rather than the bare skin. The 22-month-old was not harmed in any other way. And it was meant as a joke.

So why wasn't it funny?

Maybe the better question is why is the photo above making so many people laugh? It always looked horrifying to me.

The child doesn't look comfortable, and as much as we joke that duct tape "fixes everything," have you ever used it to affix something to the wall ... only to have it fall down 5 minutes later? All I think when I see this photo is "that kid is hanging by a thread."

We would be horrified if a child were tied, handcuffed, or otherwise latched onto a surface from which they couldn't move. They're kids -- not criminals.

Honea is facing 36 to 60 months in jail for the abuse (plus additional time for some weapons charges) while the baby's mom, Jayla Hamm, still has to face the court for her involvement in the incident. She's expected to be given a year in prison at sentencing time.

Does their case make you rethink your initial reactions to the photo?

Image via Fugly



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sstepph sstepph

Yes. wow. I did laugh though. But thats sooo mean!

RanaA... RanaAurora

I'm with you, actually.  I've NEVER found that picture funny.  Ever.

My4Ia... My4Iadore

No it's not funny...I was horrified when I saw this, I havn't been "lucky" enough to get this forward in my email so this was my first time viewing it..While I don't consider it child abuse b/c there has been no physical harm done to the child, and the child is too young really for it to cause any emotional and mental damage unless it is a repeated act, it's still wrong. I don't think Honea's sentencing is fair nor the predeicted sentencing of the baby's mom but this is America and our legal systems is crazy like that so I'm not surprised...I think some CPS checks & counsel should be sufficient enough unless there is Real abuse going on...

Carey... Carey2006

Not really cuz I was kinda shocked by the photo to begin with.

nonmember avatar Whoever

LOL, gimme a break. The kid in the photo is secured just like she'd be in a car seat! How thoughtful of them to include the ducky too! They used lots of tape and for all we know, there might be a soft cushion under her in case she did fall off. It's just a joke! ... Now as for someone getting years in prison for this, there must have been a lot of other stuff going on, or they did it as a punishment and actually hurt or scared the child. Even then - that's a long time to go to prison, considering how easy a lot of violent criminals get off. ... So since this tape baby (pictured) is so abused, please explain why car seats are not abusive?

RanaA... RanaAurora

Duct tape is nothing like a car seat.

nily nily

HAHAHAHA Sorry I had to laugh. Well I would never do that to my kids.

Lokis... LokisMama

Acutally....if you use enough duct tape you can lift a car, for a little while anyway.  Mythbusters proved it. :D 

Doesn't condone using duct tape to affix a kid to the wall though.

Phils... PhilsBabyMama

Not at all... I didn't think it was funny to begin with.  She doesn't look comfortable or happy. 

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