Meet the Funky Mamas of Toddlers


Photo by ToddlerBrain82

There are so many great groups for moms of kids 18 months to preschool age on CafeMom -- Toddler Moms, Preschooler Moms and July 2006 Toddlers are just a few of the groups that I visit every day. There's a new one I wanted you to know about: Funky Mamas of Toddlers. Meet the new owner, ToddlerBrain82, mom of 2 1/2 year old Sebastian -- there's the little cutie in the photo above.

Who are the "funky mamas"?

Our group is more focused on a certain kind of parenting style. Some of the ideas that our group embrases are a little bit out of the mainstream -- natural living, gentle discipline, attachment parenting. I thought "funky" was a way to describe that.


How did you become one?

Sebastian was born by C section, and I later learned that it was most likely due to dozens of medical interventions that the doctor and nurses did during my pregnancy and labor. As I researched, I learned more about attachment parenting, natural lifestyles, natural medicine, gentle discipline, and child-led weaning. I try to parent Sebastian in a calm, respectful, gentle way because I believe that is the best way for a child to learn.

What are some challenges you face as a funky mama?

Some people are starting to question why Sebastian is still nursing at 28 months, even though he's only nursing twice a day. I'm planning on letting him wean himself when he is ready. I'm not pushing potty training, but letting him go at his own pace. That's something that people are starting, to question, too. I have to have thick skin about stuff like that, because there will always be someone who will criticize the way you are raising your child, no matter how wonderful your child is growing up!

How's the approach working so far?

Sebastian is growing up to be very independent and confident. He is learning how to talk calmy about what he needs rather than throwing a fit. Since we are starting to get into potty learning, I am very glad that I decided not to make that a battle, and to just follow his lead. He is doing very well, but I never force the issue and I think that makes him more willing. And Sebastian is very connected with my husband and I. We have a great attachment, and I think that many of the parenting choices we made helped that.

What exciting stuff is happening in your group?

In the few days we've been up, we've talked about all kinds of things, from discipline of older children, to our home decor! I hope that the group stays pretty active. To encourage that, I've set it so that inactive members will be booted after 60 days to prevent lurkers. We encourage group members to post an introduction with a picture of themselves and their toddler.

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