Is Toddler Pot Smoking as Bad as Endangerment?


MarijuanaWhich is worse: Teaching your toddler to smoke pot, or locking them in a car alone so that you can smoke your dope in peace?

The answer is a big obvious NEITHER, but unfortunately the ridiculous question presents itself based on two recent news stories.

In the first, a 21-year-old mother in Ohio, Jessica Gamble, was arrested for teaching her 2-year-old daughter to smoke pot.

She got caught because she was diligent enough to record the whole education session with her cell phone.

That is your brain on drugs.

Gamble's daughter was placed in the custody of The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services.

In the second case, 43-year-old Karen Edelmann of New York left her 1-year-old toddler in a car outside for more than 40 minutes, so she could get high without interruption.

She was charged with endangering the welfare of a child, marijuana possession, and resisting arrest. The child was placed in the father's custody.

On one hand at least Edelmann didn't expose her child to dangerous smoke and perhaps start her on a lifelong drug habit.

Then again, the things that can happen to a child left alone in a car can pose many more dangers than a puff of pot might.

I'm torn.

Of course, it really doesn't matter which is worse, just that both are sad and tragic tales that pop up too often in the news reflecting the desperate lives some children in this country are born into when parents can't seem to put their children first.

As the prosecutor in Gamble's case said: "There are just some people who should never have children."

Which do you think is worse: Teaching a child to smoke pot or leaving them alone in a car?

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sstepph sstepph

I dont know if I can pick one. Both are totally stupid. Seriously how can come people do this stuff. They really have to be completley idiotic, or something wrong in their head!!!

Melissa Stull

There is no worse.  Both of these are terrible situations.  These children are being subjected to drug abuse by their parents.  I hate to see children torn away from their families, but these parents need to get off the drugs and get a hold new set of priorities which means  putting their children first.

wiksgals wiksgals

"That is your brain on drugs" is incorrect Ms. Evans. Marijuana did not cause these parents to make bad decisions. Responsible parents do not put their children in these circumstances period.

Phils... PhilsBabyMama

Yeah...they are both horrible. :/  I agree with wiksgals.  I really don't think marijuana can alter your mind enough for you to think either of those actions were a good idea.  These women were clearly morons before the pot smoking.

Julie... Julieryanevans

wiksgals-- point taken, but I do think the drugs can certainly contribute to their poor parenting.

lovin... lovinangels

is there a worse? no, there is just sadness.

ethan... ethans_momma06

Wow. I don't want to pick a lesser evil here, because that would seem to almost put it on a pedestal of 'this is almost alright'- which it isn't. I will say that at least one mother appeared to have an inkling of concern for her childs welfare, as incredibly misguided it was....

Carey... Carey2006


Radarma Radarma

Blah, stupid people should not breed.

nonmember avatar jojo

not as bad, but generally not a good idea to have your 2 year old smoking anything.

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