Day Care Dropouts as Hard Times Hit

I cringe when I say this -- my daughter's monthly preschool bill is more than my mortgage payment. And I won't even tell you what I was paying when I had both kids in day care! It's a struggle, that's for sure, but so far we've managed to eek it out.

While day care and preschool costs vary depending where you live, national figures say working moms spend between $3,380 to $10,787 a year for just one preschooler. I can introduce you to at least a dozen moms I know who pay way more than that. With the economy taking a nose dive, it's no wonder that many moms have no choice but to pull their tots out of day care programs.


Instead, working moms are finding creative but not desirable ways around the day care dilemma -- asking relatives to babysit, working night shifts so they can be home during the day, downshifting to part-time work to scale back on day care hours, etc.

An article on Yahoo! News says that day care center enrollment is already taking some serious hits around the country.

What's your day care situation right now? Are you considering pulling your child, or scaling back on the days/hours, just to make ends meet?


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