DJ Lance Rock Has No Butt and More Yo Gabba Gabba! Secrets Revealed

Yo Gabba Gabba!DJ Lance Rock has no butt.

But he and Muno are both fearless.

This is what I discovered when Yo Gabba Gabba! Live! came to my town last Friday for the kick-off of their North American Party in My City! tour.



The trippiest show on children's television was an apt inaugural children's show for Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, the performing arts center built on the site of the original site of Woodstock in upstate New York.

And the night before the show, I was on site watching "DJ" Lance "Rock" Robertson, Muno and the whole gang get their Woodstock fix before entertaining thousands of toddlers (and their parents).

Which is how I've discovered the following:

1. DJ Lance's butt is flat as a pancake. This is how he manages to run around in that bright orange pantsuit. He's all skin and bone (and muscle for those dancey dances, natch).

2. The people inside the costumes can only see about 2 feet in front of them.

Biz Markie3. Brobee is really short. I'm 5' 3 3/4" (yes, I cling to that 3/4), and I was looking OVER Brobee's red spikes. By the way, they're called "spikes," not "horns."

4. Toodee is top heavy. Between her long tail and her giant head, she always looks like she's going to fall over.

5. Biz Markie is great with kids. Whether it was the children he brought onstage for Biz's Beat of the Day during the show or the kids he hung out with at the after-party, for a guy who isn't a father he knows exactly what to do to make them laugh. With my daughter it was having her slap him five . . . then acting like she was super strong.

6. Muno sees through his mouth. And the bumps all over his body are hard to the touch not squishy.

7. They know how to throw a party. Most meet and greets let you in, let you snap a pic and then you're on your way. Bethel Woods let us into the after party where they served up yummy organic snacks from sponsor Revolution Foods, allowed the kids to hang out with each of the stars for awhile, dance, don party hats and then finally line up for group pictures. It's laid back -- just right for toddler style.

7. The Gabba Gang is not just for toddlers. My 14-year-old babysitter danced her heart out -- and half of her ninth grade class showed up for the show too. Bring the whole fam to a stop on the tour, everyone will have a party in their tummy. Just don't let them bite their friends.


Images by Jeanne Sager

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