Back-to-Preschool Shoes: The Cutest Kicks for Toddlers

Keds for KidsFor as long as I can remember, one of my favorite back-to-school activities has been shoe shopping. Now that my toddler daughter is heading off to preschool for the first time this year, it's been more fun than ever checking out all the latest foot fashions for toddlers.

Here are five of my favorites I've found:


Keds The people at Keds sent me a pair of these to review, and my daughter and I both gasped when we saw them. They are so cute, and she's fascinated with the sparkles and the flower. Very princess punk! ($40;

uggs for toddlers

Ugg Before you run away screaming about how ugly Uggs are, just consider all the time you will save each morning NOT looking for socks. While they're expensive, they're almost worth it for that fact alone. I know it's still warm at most places now, but the chill will set in quickly, and these will keep your toddler's toes toasty. They're rugged, comfortable, and actually pretty cute for little feet  -- boys or girls. ($89.95; Nordstrom)


Robeez Both my son and my daughter have spent much of their childhood in Robeez, but I've always hesitated to let them wear them outdoors, especially when it's wet. Now, however, there are Mini Shoez that are actually made for outdoor use with water-repellent soles. I love this lumberjack-inspired pair! ($31.95;

Simple Shoes

Simple I recently bought these shoes for my daughter in a rush. We were on vacation, and the one pair of shoes I brought (I know, who only packs one pair of shoes for a week? Me.) was giving her awful blisters. So I ran to the mall and picked these up. Turns out my hasty purchase was a good one. They're comfortable, made of eco-friendly materials, are easy to slip on and off, and I love the pattern (we have it in pink). There are other cute patterns as well, and some for boys too. ($33; 

Nike for Toddlers

Nike For all the running and jumping and climbing of preschool, these Nikes are a great option. I love this pair that looks a little more stylish than the average pair of tennis shoes. ($24.83;

What are your favorite toddler shoes?

Images (from top to bottom) via, Nordstrom,,


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