The 22 Jobs of a Stay-at-Home Mom


22 jobs of a stay at home momSAHMs are some of the hardest working people in the entire world, but somehow when you're not bringing home a paycheck, the outside world might not get the clue. This week Multiple Mama got confirmation of this inaccurate assumption by the IRS. (Well, an employee of her accountant -- but close enough.)

Apparently the mere act of driving hours to drop off her (extended) tax return with a toddler and twin babies in tow did not impress the assistant to her CPA who, upon discovering the lack of a W2 asked, "You don't work?"

While she explained she had three full-time jobs, I thought I'd break it down a little bit more for you so if you do find yourself asking a SAHM about her employment, you'll stop and remember her job description.

Here are 22 jobs SAHMs do on a full-time basis.

  1. Babysitter
  2. Chauffeur
  3. Physician
  4. Chef
  5. Housekeeper
  6. Psychologist
  7. Sociologist
  8. Referee
  9. Lactation Specialist
  10. Professional Athlete
  11. Gardener
  12. Personal Shopper
  13. Seamstress
  14. Reality Show Contestant (Yes, everyone is watching ... and judging.)
  15. Clown
  16. Stand-up Comedienne
  17. Electrician
  18. Handywoman
  19. Home Organizer
  20. Secretary
  21. Coach
  22. Lifeguard

What other jobs should a SAHM have on her resume?


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cafemama cafemama

I'd add ... butt wiper,  plumber, nutritionist... And I'm not even a SAHM!

Cafe... Cafe MicheleZ

Hair stylist, mail person, garbage person, dentist, translator, librarian, storyteller, creative director, financial planner ...

sstepph sstepph

Pretty much all you said and the other posters have said, lol!! So so so so ture!

kittymom kittymom

Wow and if you add in my career job title to the list,  that is a lot for any women to be. :-)

nonmember avatar SKL

Now take all of that plus a career and add all the dad responsibilities, and you have my life. True, I can afford to outsource some of the work - but when it comes to the really tough stuff (emergency plumbing problems, uninvited critter control, kid up puking all night, etc.), the buck stops here.

But you know what - I love this life, and I couldn't love it any more if you called me President and paid me a ton of money.

anng.... anng.atlanta

Full time basis?? Full time is normally considered 40 hours a week. Only a few of these would qualify.

mellypoo mellypoo

some of us can even add "breadwinner" to all of that.

peanu... peanutsmommy1

um, are those not jobs of EVERY mom, not just SAHM's?


hmmm....only a SAHM does this, huh?  I'm pretty sure all moms do this.  I know i do and I'm not a SAHM.

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