Toddler Drives Van Into Smoke Shop

toddler crashes car into smoke shopAnother day, another parenting fail.

An Idaho toddler drove a van into a smoke shop on Friday, but is luckily unharmed. The 2-year-old's mother decided to leave the van running and the toddler in the vehicle as she went inside.

We all know where this is going.

The 2-year-old got into the driver's seat and put the van in gear and took off. He crashed into the front of the store while his mom shopped inside.

The fact that the little guy escaped injury after running a van into a glass wall is a miracle.


We can surmise the following:

The 25-year-old mother has been cited with two counts of injury to a child. Of course she's lucky her 2-year-old is intact and nothing worse happened as a result of her negligence.

Would you ever leave your kid in the car with the engine running?

Image via Tammra McCauley/Flickr

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