Another Toddler Missing in Arizona, Left While Mom Took Nap


toddler missing in arizona
Emmitt Trapp, missing 2-year-old
Two toddlers within 35 miles of each other have disappeared in the last two weeks, but this time the police do not suspect foul play, at least not yet.

Two-year-old Emmitt Trapp apparently walked out of his home while his mother was taking a nap around 8 p.m. on Monday in Yavapai County in Arizona. In the case of Sylar Newton, the 2-year-old who disappeared from a campground in Beaver Creek, the Yavapai County Sheriff's Office announced yesterday that the little boy was presumed dead, and they suspect the toddler did not wander off on his own.

Both cases are absolutely heartbreaking, and I hope both little boys will be found safe and sound very soon, even if it seems the search has reached a dead end in the case of Newton.

I'm also wondering how Emmitt Trapp was able to get out of a house at the very tiny age of 2. Whether it's unlocked doors or very low door knobs, it's making me re-evaluate the exits in my home as my little boy gets stronger and faster every day. Of course, I'll also avoid napping while he's still awake and outside of his crib.

Not even the most vigilant mother can prevent every type of accident, but I do wonder if this second toddler disappearance could not have been prevented with a flip of a dead bolt. I'm sure Emmitt's mom is wondering the same thing.

Do you nap when your toddler is still awake?


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sstepph sstepph

NO WAY! I find that that very irresponsible if you take a nap while your toddler is awake! Could you imagine all the stuff that could happen and like this poor boy, he's lost! I nap when my toddler naps if I feel the need to nap.  I have everything or at least try to have everything toddler/baby proof.

momof... momoflilangel

I clicked like by accident & can't unlike it! Ahhh.......I don't like this story.

Anyhow, I don't nap when my daughter is awake but I nap when she is napping. And my daughter is 3 1/2 so she can undo the deadbolt on the front door so we have a lock at the very top of the door as well so that she can't escape. But when she wakes up she immediately comes to me and wakes me up.

nonmember avatar SKL

My kid sister was less than 1.5 when, in the early morning when everyone else was asleep, she climbed out of her crib, made herself some cereal, pulled on a couple extra layers of pj's, pushed a chair to the door, unlocked all the locks including the chain lock toward the top, removed the chair, opened the door, and went out for a walk.

She was too smart for locks, but what did teach her not to ever do it again: a spank on the butt.

It's not enough to try to "protect" our kids. We have to teach them, too.

Proud... ProudSingleMum

I always love when people say "I'd never nap/sleep when my toddler was awake". I'd love to ask them where they got their bottle of clairvoyance. Because, I (maybe the only parent who's like this??) don't have the ability to automatically wake up as soon as my child has. And children...despite some people's apparent thoughts, aren't stupid. They are amazing little creatures absorbing EVERYTHING we do...including, watching us unlock and open doors. I'm sure I am not the only parent who has been surprised by some skill their child has picked up, and mastered without my knowledge.

More (and higher) locks are the key. Otherwise, there is NO guarantee that you won't wake up one morning to find out your kiddo decided to go outside by themself. 

jeann... jeannesager

ProudSingleMum, I have to agree. I wrote a story a few years ago for our local paper about parents whose child walked out of the house in the middle of the night (horribly, she died in the bitter cold). They had done everything right -- locked the front door, etc. But they had to sleep too, and the child happened to wake up while mom and dad were asleep and managed to unlock the door.

Parents HAVE TO SLEEP SOMETIME. We can't watch our kids 24 hours a day. It's physically impossible.

conse... conservmommy

I nap when my 1 year old is awake but he is securely in his pack n play or crib for his quiet time when I do so. I am not a hard sleeper so I would hear him if he got up.

And as for this case my question is WHAT THE HELL IS A TWO YEAR OLD EVEN DOING OUT OF HIS CRIB AT 8 PM? He should be sleeping by then. And if he was goofing around and is able to get out by himself then you as a mother should not be sleeping until you know he is out for the night. You need to put a very secure gate at his door so he cannot get out of his room in the event he makes it out of his crib. Also if you sleep so hard that you are not able to hear your child you should make sure another adult is there before you sleep.

Our door is dead bolted and it is up at the top not middle.

I know everyone's first instinct is to side with the mother and give her lots of sympathy. My sympathy lies with the child. I hope they find him and I hope that his mother learns from her, frankly, neglectful actions.

Selmada Selmada

I really hope the boy is found soon. I dont know the whole story. Media is designed to sensationalize everything. Maybe the mom went to sleep after her son was asleep, maybe she didnt. I'm not one to judge and judging does not help find the boy.

I don't nap when my boys are awake; they would never let me even if I tried.

I wonder though, since this was 8pm, did she nap while he was awake, or did she put him to bed first?

I go to bed at night (and some nights that can be as early as 8). The boys are asleep when I go down, but they can wake up. My boys are in their cribs, and (I'm lucky) not quite old enough to climb out. But when they are old enough to get out, I'm sure they will be getting into all sorts of 'fun' while I'm sleeping. There are two of them; I know people with twins who help each other over baby gates. Locking them in might be a hard option (and has safety issues).

As for the outside door, even a high deadbolt wont work once a determined child knows how to push over a chair to climb.


nonmember avatar SKL

Wow, now you're a terrible mom if your kid isn't in bed at 8pm?? I guess I have no business being a mom at all.

I couldn't tell from the story whether the child had been put to bed before the mom took her nap. Could very well have. A 2-year-old can climb out of any bed and open most doors.

I can also see how the mom might have fallen asleep while the child was awake. I am pretty sure this has happened to me when I was ill.

What good does it do to lay blame? Is there a mother anywhere whose child has never been in danger? No.

When my kids were 2, I told them that they must not go outside without me after dusk or before dawn, because there are raccoons and coyotes that could attack and kill them. So far, they've shown no desire to try to prove me wrong.

nonmember avatar Jill

He was found dead. Poor boy. May you RIP little angel.

Phils... PhilsBabyMama

Oh, my god. :(  How awful.  Gonna go kiss my 2 year old.

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