Dad Arrested for Pushing Stroller While Drunk


pushing strollerIt was the first-ever SPWI arrest I'd ever heard of.

That's "stroller pushing while intoxicated."

Yup, a dad had his two little boys -- ages 3 and 1 -- strapped into their stroller when he decided to push them down the street.

After he'd just consumed a few drinks.

Now a contrite Steven Melendez tells the Fox affiliate in his hometown of Mansfield, Ohio, that he feels foolish, and he's going to change his ways.

Says Melendez:

"Point blank I was wrong, I shouldn't have went out and had anything to drink, I mean I wasn't stumbling stupid drunk or nothing but you know it happened, it's over. I've just got to go and do what I have to do to deal with it ... I'm not a negligent father you know and I love my kids, I never put them in jeopardy and maybe that day I made a stupid decision but you know everybody makes a bad decision, I mean no one wants to hurt anybody, especially not their own kids."

Because the kids weren't hurt, we can laugh about this one. But it's certainly scary for parents. 

First because Melendez made the conscious decision not to drive. Which certainly earns him points in comparison to many other truly bad parents.

Add to that the fact that he was going out not to buy more booze but to get a money order near his house.

Unfortunately, he apparently was drunk enough that he passed out on the trip in the cop car to jail. So he may not have thought he was "stumbling stupid drunk," but we all know alcohol clouds your judgment.

It's why I won't have more than a glass of wine or a beer around my daughter. I also won't drink alone with her in the house -- even that one glass.

I was raised in the "role model responsible drinking behaviors" school of child-rearing, and I'm practicing it with my daughter. I will not drink to excess in her presence because I don't want her doing it either.

Melendez may well be a lazy, no-good layabout. But from the sounds of it, he could also be a dad who just made a mistake.

Here's hoping the court orders him to get some treatment.

What's your alcohol limit around your kids?


Image via rbphalen/Flickr

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Phils... PhilsBabyMama

I will have a drink or two, but usually it's after my son goes to bed. I also like my husband to be home, just in case something happens.  If there was some type of emergency, I'd like a sober adult to be able to drive my son to the hospital, etc.

luvmy... luvmy4kidsinAL

I don't drink at all, but if I were to, I would make sure it was when my kids were not around.

Phils... PhilsBabyMama

Also, I know this father said he wasn't stumbling drunk, etc, but if he wasn't clearly exhibiting signs of intoxication how did the police officer realize he was drunk in the first place?  How much do you have to drink to not be able to walk down the road without attracting the attention of a police officer?  I'd say a fair amount...

1baby2 1baby2

I don't drink, but my husband does. When he does drink it's when our son is in bed. The father should of waited and hopefully he'll never do that again. He should have at least been accompanied by a sober adult.

Hello... HelloKittyCrazy

None! I won't drink at all around my kid.


Wow.  That is crazy,  glad the kids are OK.

I do drink around my son.  Wine with dinner in the evening.  I do not ever get drunk or stupid around him. 

KatieP. KatieP.

I do not drink at all around my kids but thats coz I am not a one drink and I am done type of person so the easiest thing for me to do is just not have that one drink. I had a friend arrested for walking while drunk. I'm not kidding.


i rarely drink, but if we know we are going to have a few drinks it is usually with certain friends and the kids are in bed and we have at least one completely sober adult in the house.  i have gotten sauced only twice, and i'm not to fond of trying to do it again.  when we do drink i have just a few and then i'm done.  for a police officer to notice that he is walking down the street intoxicated, he'd have to have had quite a bit.

sstepph sstepph

I don't drink around my son. I will maybe have a Smirnoff after he goes to sleep, but thats it. ONE.

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