'Toddlers and Tiaras' Recap: The Sadistic Stylist


toddlers and tiarasThe stakes were higher on this week's episode of Toddlers and Tiaras as the pageant featured was a national one -- the Miss Royal Essence pageant in Nevada.

The mothers, drama and outrage of it all, were the same.

Most outrageous this week, however, was a scene in which 10-year-old Kaylee was getting her hair done before the pageant. When her mother rather politely asked the hired (of course) stylist to make an adjustment to Kaylee's hair, saying she didn't think it would be well received, the stylist got MAD.

She started yanking and pulling on poor Kaylee's hair WAY harder than necessary. Kaylee sat there with tears running down her face, repeatedly saying, "it hurts".

"She (the stylist) wasn't the kindest after that," the mother explained to the cameras.

It was awful to watch, but there sat her mother and grandmother doing just that -- and only that. Can you imagine sitting there, not saying a word, while someone hurt your child like that? Not asking her to be gentler, not saying, hey STOP!?

I can't.

Once they got "the bones" of the style, her mother did take it upon herself to do Kaylee's hair for the rest of the pageant, and said she was done with that stylist.

I'd be a lot more than done with her.

I guess that incident shouldn't be too surprising as each week we see these mothers put their small children through uncomfortable and  painful procedures just to look good. Talk about the price of beauty.

Did you watch Toddlers & Tiaras this week? What did you think of the incident with the stylist?

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squish squish

That is just sick. I don't watch the show, and I almost can't bare to read your updates about it either! It really needs to be yanked from The "Learning" Channel anyway. What on earth are we supposed to be learning from that show anyway? How to be a superficial parent?

Fluff... Fluffy0106

I HATE THIS SHOW. This show is stupid and all these crazy parents should be shot for putting their kids in stupid crap like beauty pageants. FAKE FAKE FAKE is all they are teaching these kids. Oh! I wasn't pretty enuff but my kids is, bull. Most of these kids are not that pretty at all. All the hair, the tan's, the clothes, the make-up, it's crap. This is just another way of building the next snob in school. They are superficial and fake. Is that what they want to teach their kids, that life is better with a big crown? My daughter is very beautiful and I would NEVER put her in a pageant. NEVER! I teach my kids to be humble and nice. I see the hissy fits these kids throw on this show and they all are spoiled brats with stupid parents who have more money than sense. Hope you enjoy throwing your money into a big hole and setting fire to it b/c that's what beauty pageants are. These kids are gonna be on the streets one day b/c they think beauty is gonna get them somewhere and sadly it wont. I may not be pageant worthy but I am beautiful. I am nice and kind and not superficial nor snobby and fake. Plus I love myself for who I am, all my fat rolls included. Let kids be kids. How will your kids look back on their childhood? Mine will look back and think oh we did this and we played here, we had soo much fun. These kids wont remember if they had fun, all they will remember is weather or not they won a damn crown.

Jana Alton

Hi there, I'm the Nana in the clip... The clip was not exactly sequential, and the times were not "as seen on TV" once this all started, we told the Hair & makeup ladies we were done. These women demanded that anything that showed them in a bad light had to be edited out. There was a lot more than what was seen on T & T. We would never sit and watch Kaylee in pain, rest assured. This Hair and Make up woman has effectively ruined her reputation. Don't trust all that you see in TV or movies, editing alters the reality. Take Care :)

tazdvl tazdvl

I don't like that show.

nonmember avatar Angela

Lets just say I was there while the taping was going on. RE: The lady that was rude while doing the girls hair.. The Hairdresser kinda got into a lil tiff with one of the producers AND the pageant director because she TOO had a daughter in the pageant. Im assuming jealousy may be a factor. The hairdresser lady also threw a fit about all the flyers that were posted saying 'Toddlers Filming NO ENTRY.' Im assumig that sometime after she finished Kaylee's hair she came bursting into the showroom demanding the posters be torn down . Even I thought the lady was being dramatic. The camera even caught me saying the B word, Im so so so lucky my word did not make the final cut on the episode.

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