Skyping With Angelina and Brad's Kids, Introducing the New Baby: Links We Love

BrangelinaEven Angie and Brad have the age-old problem of keeping up with the grandparents, and more answers to everyday mom stuff in links I love.

  • Jon Voight misses his grandkids big time -- so he says he keeps up with Angelina and Brad's brood via Skype. In our house it's a little more low-tech: the phone set to speaker phone so we can rescue the grandparents when she starts babbling. There's nothing like watching your toddler play "hide and seek" on the phone with Grandma. -- Celebrity Baby Scoop
  • With my friend's new baby about to make his presence known any day now (woohoo), we're all crossing our fingers that her toddler will take this interloper in stride. She's picked up books on the topic, but this insightful slideshow will do the trick too. -- Lil Sugar
  • Dreaming about another life is all part of the mom experience. But would you parent your toddlers any differently if you had three times the cash flow? Mommy Q wouldn't give in to the lure of Cheetos every day no matter how much money you throw her way. -- Betty Confidential


Image via MommyQ

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