Popsicle Time: 4 Ways to Beat the Heat With Kids

Paper cup popsiclesKids and popsicles go together like Forrest Gump and a box of chocolates, but you can put down the dictionary now.

There's no need to look up all those weird ingredients (high fructose corn syrup anyone?) when you make your own -- looks like you really can know what you're gonna get.

And so will your kids because all of these sweet treats can be made WITH your munchkins.


1. Paper Cup Popsicles. Marie of Make and Takes put together this heavenly how-to for Craftzine that lets you make either a creamy or a juicy pop with the help of a paper cup to shape your cold creation.

chocolate banana pops2. Chocolate Banana Pops. They get their fruit and veg (what, the cocoa bean doesn't count?) with these dipped treats from Good Life Eats. Frozen bananas are good all by themselves if you're not up for the chocolate, but your kids will love the dipping process.

Mango pops3. Creamy Mango Pops. The Kitchen Enchantress introduces a new fruit to your small fries with an award-winning recipe. Because most of the work is done by a blender, kids can play "push the button," and they'll love sticking the sticks into their new pops.

pea pops4. Minty Pea Pops. It's sort of like mint chocolate chip ice cream, but your kids will love crushing the peas that make these veggie-based pops from The Toddler Cafe.


Images via Make and Takes; Good Life Eats; Kitchen Enchantress; The Toddler Cafe

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