'Inception' Starring Dora the Explorer (Video)

inception dora the explorerThere's something you should know about Dora the Explorer. If she had starred in Inception it would probably be a lot less confusing. And a lot more fun.

Take a look at this spoof trailer created by the folks over at ElectricSpoofaloo.


That's right!

Everyone loves Dora. Saturday Night Live did a Dora parody about Maraka and her friend, Mittens. And Ludacris even sings about her in "Number One Spot": “Explorer like Dora/these swipers can’t swipe me." Dora even found herself in the middle of the Arizona immigration law controversy. Dora is so smart, she could probably even explain the Inception ending to those of us who don't get it.

This is Dora’s first live-action feature. What other movies do you think she should star in?


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