Weird Holiday Alert: 4 Ways to Celebrate Paper Bag Day

paper bagIf Paper Bag Day isn't proof that someone has too much time on their hands, it's at least a good excuse to spend the day reusing some landfill-bound stuff with the kids.

Monday is the official "holiday," but we've pulled together enough activities to pack your weekend -- if not your grocery bag.


1. Paper Bag Buildings. Turn your lunch bag upside down, stack a pile of construction paper, safety scissors, and glue on the table, and let them get to work making windows, doors, and whatever it takes to make a paper bag town.

2. Paper Bag Toadstools. This woodland wonderland created by one of our favorite Etsy sellers is surprisingly easy. Maya of Maya*Made suggests putting a bag upside down over a clenched fist, and begin twisting the bag around your arm. Remove the fist and continue twisting in one direction until it's tight. Roll the mushroom's cap edges to round them out, then get painting!

3. Paper Bag Puppets. The sky is the limit with bags -- they're already set up so the bottom flap is an easy head and opening mouth, but here are 15 different animals to get you started.

4. Paper Bag Mailbags. Hit up your local post office for one of those giant USPS stickers (or cut a logo off a box), then take a grocery bag, roll down the sides, and fashion a strap from plastic bags tied together to make your kids their own "mailbag" for play post office.

Do you have any other paper bag ideas?


Image via Robert Stinnett/Flickr

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