Man Kills Toddler for Interrupting World Cup Game

AngelIn a tragic story out of Texas, a man has admitted to beating his 2-year-old stepdaughter to death because she interrupted his viewing of the World Cup.

The 27-year-old man, Hector Castor, is being charged with capital murder. He admitted to punching the baby in the ribs and placing a screw in her mouth to make it look as if she choked. Investigators say the autopsy shows evidence of prior injuries as well.


I can barely type these details through my tears -- tears of shock, of sadness, of outrage.

I know how frustrating toddlers can be. There are days my daughter demands every ounce of my patience. Sometimes I don't have enough.

I know what it's like to need a minute to finish something or read something or just have one second of silence, and how it feels to almost lose it.

But I don't know how anyone could do what Hector Castor did to that innocent little girl. And I can't image the grief and the guilt the girl's mother must feel knowing she invited this man into her daughter's life.

I know there are many innocent little boys and girls everywhere who endure such abuse and that there are way too many stories like this. And it makes me sob, and it makes me angry, and it makes me wish irrational things like perhaps people should be able to sell their babies.

I have a dear friend who recently lost her son to cancer, and another who just found out her daughter was diagnosed with cancer. And there are thousands of other parents out there praying for and trying to save the lives of their children, or who have lost their children and would give anything to be interrupted again.

For them, this story makes me even angrier.

I've always been opposed to the death penalty, but if ever I could be swayed to the opposite side of the argument, an incident like this just might do the trick.

Image via pareeerica/Flickr

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