Suri Cruise Has Leg Tattoos -- So What? My Toddler Does Too

Suri Cruise Us WeeklySuri Cruise seems to get everything her heart desires (with the exception of Cameron Diaz's dress) -- and last week Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' fashionable 4-year-old evidently wanted a tattoo.


Suri was spotted in New York City with her legs covered in tattoos. And weirdly enough, they're almost identical to the leg tattoos my 2-year-old was sporting on the very same day.

Check out the photos.


toddler tattoosMy daughter's ink art is shown here.

To see Suri's, visit StyleList.

Okay, so the ink wasn't permanent in either case.

My daughter has been obsessed with tattoos for the past month and finally took it upon herself to create her own. She used a blue ballpoint pen to scribble all over both of her legs, and then said, "Look, mom, tattoos!" And very quickly added, "Don't wash 'em off." I let them stay.

According to US Weekly, Suri also drew all over her legs, but her ink of choice was a blue marker (probably much harder to get off). Maybe she's sick of being the girlie girl celebrity toddler while Shiloh Jolie-Pitt gets all the street cred for her tough chick (or some would say boyish) style.

Even so, I'll bet Suri's parents let the tats stay for a while too -- dad Tom Cruise has said in the past that he and wife Katie are encouraging Suri to express herself creatively and wear what she wants.

Suri and my daughter are growing up in completely different worlds, but what happened last week just goes to show you that a toddler is a toddler ... is a toddler.

Is your toddler a burgeoning tattoo artist too?

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