More Twin Tales

Photo by 2Potato

The other day I got a glimpse of what life with identical twin girls was like, so of course I wanted to find out what happens when you have two two-year-old boys under foot! In case you're wondering why I've got 2s on the brain lately, it's because CafeMom is celebrating our second birthday -- check the fun on our CafeMom Birthday Tab.

2Potato isn't sure if her handsome little guys, Ethan Doss and Dylan Leo, shown above, are fraternal or identical, but they sure look a lot alike to me. They were born two minutes apart on June 12, 2006. 2Potato also has a 16-year-old, Logan, who her twins absolutely adore. Here's what 2Potato had to say about shopping, nap time, and "poo painting."


Photo by 2Potato

Do your boys have different personalities?

Dylan is more aggressive, and Ethan is more docile. Although, at any given moment, they can switch roles. Ethan loves to play ball and has done everything "motor" related such as pulling up, first steps, etc. first. Dylan always followed suit within a day, however. Dylan spoke more in the beginning, but I think Ethan speaks more now. Ethan is more tolerant of me leaving. Dylan will only be left with his dad or grandparents, otherwise he is not a happy boy. Mosquitoes love to bite Ethan. Not so much Dylan.

What do you love about your boys being twins?

Watching them interact. If one cries, the other asks, "Brother cry?" and will usually try to calm him down. They wrestle a LOT, fight a lot, but will also give each other hugs and kisses. They do not like to be apart and will look for the other if he's out of sight for too long.

Anything you don't like?

The newest thing they have started doing is "poo painting." They take off a diaper at nap time and paint themselves or the walls, floors, etc. They'd had a lot of trouble with constipation, and now with plum juice and MiraLax, they are having more bowel movements and I think this has brought about the curiosity. It's gross. We duct taped over their diaper tabs at nap time yesterday. They didn't like it, so I'm hoping it discourages the behavior.

Boys can be a handful, anyway. What are your twin challenges?

Shopping. They don't want to stay in the cart. I have to bribe them with a pretzel and promise to let them push the cart once we leave the store. They grab at everything and it's so hard to keep them in the middle of the aisle all the time. Shopping carts SUCK for twins. Even the double carts (big blue things for two kids) are awful. Dylan has undone the straps and fallen out.

Naps. A single two year old will get bored and fall asleep. TWO two year olds will destroy the world and all that is in it. Their room is bare: only dressers (child locked shut) and converted toddler beds. They can completely disassemble their beds, take out the mattresses, remove mattress pads, sheets, the supporting parts of the crib, in under 10 minutes. They figure out EVERYTHING quicker in tandem than a two year old does by himself.

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