Tiger Woods Breaks a Promise to His Kids

tiger woods daughter samTiger Woods is either a big fat liar, a bad dad, or both.

In April, he talked about how painful it was to miss his son Charlie's first birthday when he was in rehab for being a cheating scumbag his terrible sex addiction problem. He vowed he'd never miss another one.

At the time, Tiger said:

"Because of the time frame of [rehab], I missed my son's first birthday and that hurts.That hurts a lot and I vowed I'd never miss another one after that. I can't go back to where I was. It’s something I regret and probably will for the rest of my life.”

Yet just the other day, Tiger was in California playing golf (not so greatly at the U.S. Open) while his daughter Sam celebrated her third birthday with a party at home ... in Florida.


The U.S. Open is one of golf's most prestigious tournaments, and Tiger was once the sport's golden boy who's trying for a comeback. Tiger and Sam's mom Elin Nordegren have been living separately and rumors are swirling that they're headed for divorce court with Elin seeking full custody of the kids. Still, it seems unlikely that she'd ban him from his daughter's birthday party. And on Monday, Tiger was back in Florida picking up Sam.

As parents, we have many obligations besides our kids -- work being one of them. Does having to travel for work justify missing a kid's play? Does dinner with a client trump dinner at home? Is anything more important than your child's birthday party? What if fulfilling a parental obligation meant losing your job?

These are all personal questions and everyone has different answers.

Professional athletes have to travel and they're obviously not in control of the game schedule. But in Tiger's case, he made a public statement saying he would never miss another birthday, and the guy doesn't seem that hard up for cash. He's also on a team of one -- playing at Pebble Beach was all about him.

So if we're to believe anything from his apology or if he is in any way trying to prove to Elin and his kids that family means more to him than anything else, his actions certainly aren't up to par. Maybe he should get some tips from Fatherhood.gov.

Do you think Tiger is a bad dad for missing his daughter's birthday party? When is it okay for work to take priority over family obligations?


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