The Organized Home -- It Is Possible With Toddlers


workenmom's house

After you're done putting away the toys and clearing the clutter from your counters, only to find more clutter, I'm here to offer you some hope. Cafe Sheri in Home&GardenBuzz shows us it is possible to have a beautifully decorated, organized home while raising toddlers. Check out her latest Home Tour with Andrea Jenkins, the mom photographer and collector who's otherwise known as girlhula of hula seventy.

Just wait till you see her digs. I love her approach to "organized chaos," and that her home actually looks "lived in," the way all homes with kids should be, not like one of those staged, sterile settings you see in catalogs. Her two children, ages 8 and 4, even help with the decorating.

"I believe that kids need some sense of ownership in the process, whether it has to do with choosing where their drawings and paintings will be hung or what vase the flowers will go into," Jenkins said.

Have fun and meet ya back here later.


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