Chocolate Milk: The New Power Drink of Toddlers

chocolate milkMy toddler son JD is always on the go. Now that it's summer, it's really important that I keep him hydrated, since we spend a lot of time outside at the local park (where he runs around at warp speed).

I usually pack a few sippy cups filled with a blend of ice water and reduced-sugar fruit punch.

But from now on, I just might be bringing chocolate milk.


A new study shows that drinking low-fat chocolate milk after a workout can help the body retain, replenish, and rebuild muscle to help the body recover. Researchers also found that people who drank the fat free chocolate milk after working out had a greater concentration of glycogen or fuel in muscles 30 to 60 minutes after exercising.

I know what you're thinking -- my toddler doesn't "exercise" or "workout" -- he plays! I don't exactly enforce a physical regimen on my tot, but I'm certain he's getting a workout -- a hard one at that.

So will I start filling his sippy cups with chocolate milk? Nah. I think the cold water/juice mix is more refreshing on a hot summer day. But maybe in the fall I'll serve up this new "power drink."

What about you? Will give your kids chocolate milk after an afternoon at the park based on these findings?

Image via bluebike/Flickr

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