Justin Roberts: Kid Music I Can Listen To

Justin Roberts Jungle GymReviewing kid music may be the toughest part of my job.

Most of it just doesn't strike my fancy. So I usually defer to my daughter's tastes -- after all, that's the point, isn't it? To find songs she likes?

But Justin Roberts' new album Jungle Gym got a thumbs up in a review on MY radio program (NPR's All Things Considered), so I decided to just suck it up.


I did not have an immediate conversion to children's music. But to say that it most definitely did not suck is high praise.

I mean it -- Roberts' manages fun without mind-blowing stupidity (hey, I'm trying to rein in the derision). He has actual story progression, quality rhymes.

He's light and catchy in the right places, deep and meaningful in the others.

I'll just come out and say it: Justin Roberts' Jungle Gym has been added to my iPod for our car trips together.

I LIKED it. A mean feat for a children's performer, he's joined the ranks of Dan Zanes and Robbert Bobbert in producing quality entertainment for parents and kids alike.

That's my rubric for adding to the iPod: I'll be driving, so I need to know I can handle the tunes without ripping out my hair. And I want her to be entertained, to dance in her seat, to sing along.

Do you love your kids' music as much as they do?


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