'Toy Story 3': The Real Reason to Be Excited

Woody's Round UpToy Story 3 has me all atwitter.

So much so that a friend suggested I become a member of the "I don't care how old I am, I WILL be watching Toy Story 3" group on Facebook.

I did.

Major confession: I'm almost as excited about the movie as I am the actual toys!


I got a little taste of what was to come back at a press junket in February (a good excuse to spend Valentine's Day in New York City with my husband), but now that the film is finally hitting theaters, so too are the toys hitting stores.

Walking through Target's toy section with my friend D. and her two kids on Saturday afternoon, her 4-year-old son was agog at the goodies that were laid out in front of him. He's a Buzz Lightyear fan, he told me, but those aliens are cool too.

Another confession: On our trip to Disney World, I bought one of the new buckets of aliens (officially called the Bucket O' Little Green Men).

For me.

My daughter, on the other hand, is knee deep in Toy Story 3 LEGO sets -- from the new Woody's Round Up set sent to The Stir, which features a LEGO-ized Jessie, her favorite character, and an actual "jail" for when the Prospector gets too big for his britches.

She already had the Woody and Buzz to the Rescue set, which has fast become one of my favorite ways to entice her away from the TV for some quality mind-testing entertainment.

I'm not bashing the movies, but we all know there's only so much our kids can watch. And then the offer of a LEGO set never fails to get her creative juices flowing.

toy story 3 toysNote to parents: Buy one now through Sunday (Father's Day), and the LEGO Store is offering a free Toy Story activity book.

What caught D.'s son's eyes over the weekend were the Fisher-Price additions to the enormous Toy Story 3 toy marketing campaign:

The Toy Story "Spiral Speedway" is now on his birthday list (he'll be 5 in November) for Aunt Jeanne -- Buzz (his favorite) faces off against the newbie to the cast, Lotso (the strawberry-scented bear -- I want him too!) in a car set that both of us had fun playing with and draws on the dedication to these toys that Disney/Pixar's Cars has already instilled in these kids.

Are you your kids excited about Toy Story 3 and the toys?


Images via Lego Store, Toys R Us

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