Shrek Glasses: How to Get a Refund

shrek glasses mcdonalds refundIf you're one of the many who bought the Shrek glasses that McDonald's recalled last week because they were tainted with cadmium, here's some good news.

McDonald's has announced that starting today, it's offering $3 refunds to customers who bought the Shrek Forever After drinking glasses. That's a pretty good deal, considering the glasses were originally sold for $1.99 with a food purchase and $2.49 without. McDonald's is padding the purchase price to account for any sales tax that might have been charged on the glasses.


To get your refund, simply bring your glasses to any McDonald's restaurant. You don't need to have a receipt for the glasses. You will need to fill out and sign a refund slip.

McDonald's recalled 12 million of these Shrek glasses last week because they were found to be tainted with the toxic chemical cadmium, a heavy metal that can be particularly dangerous to children. If you have any of the glasses, you should stop using them immediately.

If you have any more questions on McDonald's Shrek glass recall or the effects of cadmium, visit the McDonald's website.

Did you buy Shrek glasses? Will you return them for a refund?

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