'Wheels on the Bus' Travel Kit Cures Road Trip Blues

The Wheels on the Bus Sing Along Travel Kit
Photo from Amazon
Family road trips await this summer, but how are you going to keep your toddler from talking your ear off?

Thank you Scholastic.

This week the publisher has rolled out the first of its "Sing Along Travel Kits," part of its Storybook Treasures series.


The Wheels on the Bus Sing-Along Travel Kit ($18.99) sports two DVDs loaded with children's stories (the animation is sort of herky jerky, but the kids probably won't notice), plus a CD of kids' songs, crayons, and an activity booklet.

Basically, it's set up so when they get bored with one activity, there's another waiting right there in the same box -- and you get 132 minutes of uninterrupted bliss (save for "Mom, can you change the DVD/CD?").

My daughter loved being introduced to some new songs -- "Wheels" is on there, but so is a host of oldies you don't hear often like "Frog Went a-Courtin'" and "Dem Bones."

Scholastic is advertising this for the 3 to 9 set, and I will say I'd limit it to the toddlers -- maybe the kindergartners or first graders at the oldest -- but overall it was a hit in our car.

Does your family do sing-alongs on road trips?


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