Beer-Drinking Baby at Phillies Game


beer drinking babyThe baby caught with a beer bottle in his mouth on the fan cam at a Phillies game is probably closer to 3 or 4, but that doesn't make the video any less shocking.

The video of the little blondie in the stands in Philadelphia was yanked by Major League Baseball, but it's already back up on a number of sites who have clipped out the action from the game and are just focusing in on the little boy and his bottle.

Not surprisingly, comparisons to the Indonesian smoking baby abound. But is this really the same?

Alcohol and kids shouldn't mix, but I know a host of parents who have given their child one taste -- usually with the result of the kid saying "eww." It's served as a great way to convince your kids NOT to drink alcohol.

Granted, doing it in public is a major no no; not least because you can get the server in trouble for providing your underage kid with alcohol. Not to mention you might make an ass of yourself on national TV (as Newser notes, no one is rushing forward to claim this kid -- maybe they're afraid CPS will show up too?).

The kid really seems to be going to town on that thing, but there's also the possibility that the bottle was empty.

What do you think? Disturbing or much ado about nothing?

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SallyAM SallyAM

I'm somewhat less surprised about this than the smoking baby, but not any less perturbed...

kathe... katherine.pryde

maybe it's a root beer? otherwise, wha????

Cafe PJB Cafe PJB

Could've been an accident? I know I drank some beer by accident when I was about 3.  And I turned out ok (or maybe not:)).  Still negligent though.

LoriA... LoriAnn87

I have been to Phillies game and they don't sell root beer in bottles on in fountain cups and if was a mistake the father or grandfater should have taken it away from but if you look close at the bottle it has a beer label on it. This is just stuipd and if the kid need somethign to drink you should up gotten up and when to the stands to get something.

Cafe... Cafe Jenn

I used to drink the very little remnents in my dad and uncle's beer bottle when I was little.  When I say little, I mean a drop or two.  Enough to make me say ew but not enough for me to really taste it. 

That said, there is no way to know if that bottle was empty or not and by the looks of it I would say it was empty but either way, not in the best taste at a Phillies game.


Oh and all that said:  GO PHILLIES :)

nonmember avatar Brenda

IMy washer broke down once and I was at a public laundry with my 3 year old daughter, while I was moving the clothes from washer to the dryer, my daughter got a hold a a beer bottle from the trash and was drinking it! Yuck! Maybe the child picked it up? Who knows.

oporb oporb

I would have to hear the story behind it - If it was empty and he was drinking the last few drops who cares, my 2 year old does that with soda cans as often as she can find them  -- thats WAY different than parents actually giving the kid beer - I really can't imagine ANY parents no matter how bad being stupid enough to give a child a beer, much less in public. So I figure its nothing.

I got ahold of my parents beer/drinks quite a few times growing up -- so I could see me trying to drink the last sip out of my dads beer at a game..... he'd let me have a sip or two no harm done

tazdvl tazdvl

I can't see anyone giving a kid beer in public either. I have seen the video and am surprised no one around notices, makes me think it was empty and wasn't the first time he picked it up and tried to drink from it.

Scout... ScoutsHonorHMR

Maybe forgiveable? Or just dumb.  I wonder if they even realized.  No parent seems to be supervising. I've been there.  My 11 month old son once grabbed my glass of wine (after  a long day of moving into a house) before I noticed and drank the whole thing.  I totally freaked out.  Rushed him to the ER where they laughed at us and said he'd sleep it off.  Sigh...

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