Contents of Backpack Keeps Toddler Ready for Anything

toddler backpack

Toddlers have a lot going on and those little people like to be prepared. Here are the contents of one toddler's backpack as documented by cathyse97:

1 Dora flip-flop, 1 pair of red squeaky shoes, 1 can of Chunky Soup, 1 postcard, handful of cards, 1 ladybug animal, 1 Superman tin pencil case, 1 large maple leaf, 1 empty plastic zipper bag, several crayons, 1 Curious George board book, 1 folded paper, 1 unused and dried wet-wipe, 3 golf balls, 1 miniature tea set, 1 Kleenex (hopefully unused), 1 play telephone, 1 construction truck matchbox, 1 pink ponytail holder.

Hey, you never know when you're going to need one Dora flip-flop or a large maple leaf.

Is your toddler a pack-rat? What kinds of stuff does he carry around?


Image via cathyse97/Flickr

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