Teri Hatcher’s No-Tantrum Plan, Baby Gaga and More: Links I Love

Teri Hatcher
Flickr photo by greginhollywood
There are few things I dislike about parenting more than disciplining my children in front of other people. It always makes me second guess myself and question if I'm overreacting or not reacting enough. I can only imagine how difficult life as a celebrity parent with the whole world watching has to be ... well, except for all the nannies and cooks and $15,000 parties. But still ...

Teri Hatcher says she never had to deal with a public tantrum, and says that such outbursts occur because people put children in situations they shouldn't. Hmmm...   -- Babble


If children are acting ugly, they may as well look pretty. Here are some tips on styling your little girl's hair with bows. -- lilSugar

Everyone wants to be Lady Gaga, or least play her in a video - toddlers included. Check it. -- ParentDish

Want your tot to have everything a star's child does? Better start saving up for an ipad since Suri Cruise has her own. -- Celebitchy

Have toddler, will travel? Take some tips from Bravo's Cortney Novogratz (mom of seven (!) and star of 9 by Design). Traveling with seven children? Can. Not. Imagine. -- Momversation


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