Charlie Brown Does the Disco Era

Photo from Amazon
If your toddler seems a little trippy this week, excuse them.

They're doing a Snoopy Dance.

It's not too much Yo Gabba Gabba. It's a taste of the '70s.

Charlie Brown is doing the disco era this week, with the release of six more of the Peanuts TV specials from the 1970s.


The two-disc set includes the ecologically minded "It's Arbor Day, Charlie Brown"; well-intentioned "You're a Good Sport Charlie Brown"; and the all-time best Charlie and the little red-headed girl moment, "It's Your First Kiss, Charlie Brown!"

The '70s were about major change in America -- from Vietnam to the oil crisis, hip hop to Saturday Night Fever. But Peanuts has always shown that the major issues in kids' lives are suspended in time.

Kids are mean on the playground. You could always use a security blanket, and adults always babble in the background.

The Peanuts 1970's Collection Vol. 2 hits shelves this week.

Will your kids be rooting for Charlie to kick that football?

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