'Smoking Baby' Gets Help


The mother of the Internet's "Smoking Baby" said she is going to try to distract her son away from cigarettes.

Seto Mulyadi, chairman of Indonesia's National Commission for Child Protection, met the Indonesian mother, Diana, the other day at the Jakarta Airport. An interviewer with CNN caught up with Diana and her son, Aldi, whose 40-a-day habit turned him into an Internet sensation last week.

It's good news that the boy is getting help. With the viral nature of that video, I knew it was a matter of time before someone stepped in. But I'm distressed the reason Diana wants to get her two year old to quit is more because of the expense than an acknowledgement of the health risks. Smoking, even among the very young, is ingrained in the culture. It costs the family $4 a day to provide him cigarettes.

Diana doesn't like or really understand the attention her family and son are getting, but she did share some of her parental challenges.

"Well, I don't want to give him cigarettes, but what I am I supposed to do? I am confused. I didn't let him smoke, I even forbade him from smoking, but I was trying to stop him from getting sick."

She showed CNN a scar on Aldi's head, where she said he smashed his head into a wall during one of his tantrums. She said he also vomits when he can't satisfy his addiction.

Aldi is not alone. Lots of young children in Indonesia smoke, and officials believe they are starting younger and younger. Te NCCP has intervened when possible. According to CNN, a study by the child protection commission shows that between 2001 and 2007, the number of children smoking between the ages of five and nine jumped 400 percent. That is tens of thousands of cases and does not take into account children like Aldi, who are under the age of five.

Distracting a toddler is difficult. Distracting an addicted toddler might border on the impossible. For Aldi's sake, I wish Diana lots of patience and ear plugs.

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afiorita afiorita

what the heck? what kinda culture is that to let your baby smoke a cigerette for your own amusement? i think those parents should be shot man. this is not funny at all if its actually true and not digitally screwed with.lol. what has this world come to man?? im sickened by this

nonmember avatar Phil Cooper

Just when I thought I had heard it all ...

Cafe Amy Cafe Amy

The ignorance here is just so sad.

nonmember avatar sadden

Smoking is bad enough, and not to mention the many dangers of handling fire.

nonmember avatar lucy Ledezma

When i first saw this video, i could not believe my eyes. It literally made me get goose bumps and i even cried!! I'm never going to understand how there could be people out there that actually find this funny or amusing. Most of all how can a mother let their child do these things, and let it get so far as to where the child gets addicted, Some women should just not be mothers!!!!

JenBr... JenBrooks76

This video is so disturbing-it has actually inspired my husband to quit smoking. 

Wrtng... Wrtngfantasymom

THing is... over there, cigarette companies endorse EVERYTHING!! Which singer was it that cancelled an indonesian stop on her tour (Or it was somewhere around that area) because that show was sponsored by a cigarette company, and she had NO IDEA until an outcry went out saying she supported smoking.

Cigarettes are shoved in their faces so much, that it's socially acceptable, and they DON'T KNOW the health risks associated with smoking!

Does that excuse the behavoir? Maybe a little, but they lack the knowledge... what do you expect from people who don't know the health risks!

what if someone came to us someday and told us that all the hours we (As americans) spend watching TV was ACTUALLY rotting our brains? -- obviously poor example, but try to understand the comparison.

tonya... tonyalynn

this is very sad. why did they start letting him smoke anyways?

Stars... StarsMommi

The fact that they let him smoke is mind boggling and the fact that they let it go this far is disgusting. Though I'm sure they got paid for the interviews and such...When you're in dire need of money, there's no telling how far one would go to get it. Just saying...

nonmember avatar Andria

how can a sweet little 2 year old even figure out how to smoke? someone had to explain it to me when i was 16 that i wasn't "inhaling right". (i quit when i found out i was pregnant, and haven't smoked since) and inhaling the correct way is how you get addicted. it's sad to see this because little kids are supposed to be innocent and adorable. smoking is defintely an adult thing. sad.

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