BP Oil Spill: 'Adopt' a Bird for Your Toddler

According to wildlife officials, more than 300 sea birds have been found dead along the Gulf Coast during the first five weeks following BP's oil spill.

So sad.

But there are some birds that can be helped.

Sponsoring a bird makes a great gift, and it's also a nice way to teach your child to respect and take care of nature.

At the International Bird Rescue Research Center, you can "adopt" a duck for $25 or an egret for $50; the birds will be cleaned and rehabilitated. Your toddler will receive a certificate of adoption that includes the band number of the bird, place, and date of release.

(This YouTube video shows how the oiled birds are cleaned -- incredible.)

Think you will sponsor a bird?

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debbig debbig

Maybe if I had a TOT !

Carey... Carey2006

Maybe.....I have a feeling there's going to be a lot of NEED in the Gulf area because of this oil spill....as much as I HATE HURRICANES.....a hurricane would actually help in this situation.

maine... mainemusicmaker

It's something I'd like to do...it seems so small compared to the size of the spill.....but, yes, I think I would donate to this.

mommy... mommyheymommy

How about "sponsor" a bird.  I am an adoptive mom and I can't help but hate how we use that word so loosely.  

But SPONSORING a bird seems like a great idea!!

nonmember avatar Rachel

It is idiotic to think or say that a hurricane would be helpful right now. If there was a hurricane with all that oil in the Gulf, it would be disasterous! It would destroy homes, businesses and livelihoods! They could do damage all the way up to the carolinas if they start rolling in. Get the facts straight! That would definitely not be a good thing!
...And yes i would definitely sponsor a bird! I don't need a tot to save a life. I think it's a great cause! There is no act of kindness too small. The first step to cleaning a HUGE spill is a small helping hand!

clean... cleanaturalady

Good idea.  I wonder if it is still going on?

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