Strawberry Shortcake Hits the Water

strawberry shortcake
Photo from Amazon
Giving away a Strawberry Shortcake set I thought my daughter would never play with was a bad mom moment.

The minute she saw it in another kid's hands, she flipped. And has subsequently been after me constantly to get her her own playset.

Thank you summer toy lines!


Unwilling to get a pool, I have been trolling for good water toys for the toddler set for this summer.

And Strawberry Shortcake is hitting the water in her own Splashin' Petal Pool ($16.96) this summer. The mini pool even has a slide for the accompanying Strawberry to come down for her big splash.

Do they make this in my size?

I rank this one up there as a nostalgia buy, to be honest. There's no doubt toy-makers are hitting us '80s kids turned parents in the wallet (hello My Little Pony) with our memories.

But there's a relief in handing over something as wholesome as Strawberry Shortcake when the likes of Hannah Montana are still echoing in my head. 

Are your kids crazy for Strawberry?

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