Dora the Explorer: Illegal Immigrant?

dora explorer illegal immigrant
Flickr photo by twodolla
Poor Dora the Explorer has found herself in the middle of the immigration reform debate. A doctored cartoon picture, which shows her mug shot (she's sporting a black eye) has been circulating widely since Arizona passed its controversial new immigration law.

Dora's crime? "Illegal Border Crossing Resisting Arrest."

The picture (which was created last year for the fake news site Freaking News) is being used by people on both sides of the immigration debate.


There's a Facebook page called "Dora the Explorer is soo an Illegal Immigrant," and another called "I bet Dora the Explorer is a [sic] illegal immigrant." There's also a picture circulating on Facebook with an ad for a TV show called "Dora the Illegal Immigrant," and several sites, including the Huffington Post, have narrated Dora's mock capture by immigration authorities.

Nickelodeon declines to comment on Dora's background.

So let's look at what we do know:

1. Dora has brown skin.

2. Dora speaks Spanish.

Those two simple facts seem to be enough to have put Dora the Explorer -- and her immigration status -- under scrutiny. (And she's just a beloved cartoon character.)

Seems to me, that's the problem with Arizona's immigration law in the first place.

Does your toddler watch Dora the Explorer? Do you think Dora is an "illegal immigrant"?



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