4 Tricks to Fix Your Family's Morning Routine

brushing teeth
Flickr photo by goldberg
The morning is the hardest time in our house -- I'm a night owl, and all of a sudden my toddler is too.

But as the parent in charge of preschool drop-off in our carpool, I've realized if I don't get us moving, then we're making other people late.

Besides -- a solid morning routine has been linked to better health for tots.


Here's what we've added into the mix:

1. Stow a toothbrush in your purse. My daughter has been fighting getting her teeth brushed -- and if you look at the CDC's statistics for teeth decay in American kids, she's not the only one. Teeth brushing is non-negotiable in our house, but we can't wait around all morning. Enter Wisps, Colgate's new disposable toothbrushes. They've just added "with whitening" to the lineup, and they can be used without water. My daughter thinks she's getting one over on me, I get her teeth brushed -- everyone wins.

2. Take time to cuddle. Everyone's happier if you start the morning with a snuggle, and my daughter responds better to my demands that she get up in the morning if I give her a hug first. Would you want to come out of the pleasure of sleep into a world of being screamed at?

3. Remember breakfast tastes the same on the road. Yes, it's embarrassing to admit that we eat in the car. But isn't it more embarrassing to admit your kids don't get the most important meal of the day? What matters is what you feed them, not where. Plain Cheerios and a travel mug of milk work just fine.

4. Set out two outfits the night before. It gives them the power to make a choice, so you avoid the fight, but it also saves you the time of digging through their drawers.

What are your best tips for getting the toddlers moving?

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