3 Preschool Teacher Gifts Your Tot's Teach Will Love!

Photo from ShesGotPapers.com
It's almost time for summer break -- don't forget to thank your child's teacher with a thoughtful yet simple gift she'll go ga-ga for.

  1. She's Got Papers is a stylish and chic brand of note cards. Choose from flat or folded -- and a variety of sayings like, "Lift Every Voice," "Smooches," and "Live in Your Own Light." The spirited cards say a lot about the teacher and, in turn, will help her send special messages of her own.
  2. Kick "an apple for the teacher" up a notch with Bath and Body Works Signature Collection CLASSICS in Country Apple. The fresh, crisp scent is available in a body splash (so refreshing for summer), lotion, shower gel, and wallflower for the home.
  3. For a more personal present, try this gift my 2 1/2-year-old son made for his teachers around the holidays. Take your child on an impromptu nature hike (the backyard works). Select a large rock and bring it inside to wash. After it dries, encourage your child to paint it however he'd like. This beautiful paper weight is perfect for the teacher's desk.

What are you giving your child's teacher?

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