Tooth Tissues--New Product I Love

I wish I knew about Tooth Tissues when my kids were babies and just cutting their teeth -- or, rather, cutting my fingers when I'd try to clean them. If your toddler fights you tooth and nail (how many teeth puns can I sneak in here?) when you pull out the brush and floss, you may want to try these new dental wipes. They actually work great on teeth of all ages -- I've used them not only on my toddler and kindergartner, but as a quick freshen-upper on my own teeth.

They look and feel like antiseptic wipes, but with more texture to help scrub off plaque. The tasteless wipes contain xylitol, the natural cavity fighter, and are flouride and paraben free.

They're a little pricey -- $7 for a month's supply. Then again, our children's teeth don't come cheap either. Just ask the Tooth Fairy ...

Is this a good idea or more useless gear?


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