Kids in the Smoking Section: EW!

Flickr photo by Vanessa Pike-Russell
I forgot about the smoking section.

Living in New York, our restaurants are no longer segregated. There's no "smoking or non" question at the hostess station.

But we were in South Carolina, en route to our Disney vacation, and I was exhausted. When the waitress asked, "First available?" I honestly thought she'd said, "Table's available."

So we followed her, with our child in tow, straight past a host of open tables.

Into the smoking section.


I was so shocked that she'd walked a family with a small child into this den of iniquity, I stood there like a guppy while she dropped the menus, announced, "Your server will be with you soon," and walked out.

Did she not notice the TODDLER with us?

Placing adults in the smoking section is one thing, but surely she had to be aware that a little kid and smoking do not mix.

Even more troubling was the host of open tables in the non-smoking section -- including the one where we were quickly seated by a huffy waitress when we returned to the hostess podium and (politely, we thought) explained we'd prefer not to sit in the smoking section. There was no wait for those seats -- so it was hardly a "first available" issue.

Perhaps we should've taken it as a harbinger of what was to come and walked out. As it was, the food was disgusting, the service downright terrible (I asked for a lemon for my water not once, not twice, but four times before it came ... after I'd originally ordered water with lemon).

But I can handle bad service. I can handle bad food -- I almost expect it on the road.

The complete cluelessness about smoking and its danger to kids? That one leave me mystified.

Do people light up around your kids and then wonder why you're angry?

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