In Praise of Progress

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I just got my son's latest progress report from his speech and occupational therapists. No lie, I used to dread these.

I hope you'll indulge me while I do a little cutting-and-pasting of my favorite parts:

Noah has been working very hard ...

Noah has been doing an excellent job ...

... his progress in this area has been wonderful ...

Noah has demonstrated the ability to make predictions successfully in both books and everyday situations ...

There has been improvement in this area since last month!

Noah continues to make progress in his ability to follow 2- to 3-step directions with increasing semantic and syntactic complexity ...

Noah's scissors skills are improving ...

He independently and consistently follows variety of obstacle courses with 8 to 12 parts ...

... tolerates (usually engages and enjoys) noisy environments such as a busy classroom, circle, and music class ...

Noah's emotional and sensory regulation is significantly improved ...

It is a pleasure working with Noah and watching him progressing through his goals!

Seriously. It was all good. A progress report that was full of ... PROGRESS. Imagine that.

I picked Noah up from school this morning after a class field trip to a farm. As soon as he saw me, he opened his mouth and would NOT stop talking. Sheep! Horses! Chickens! And the barn wasn't RED, Mommy, it was green and white! A green and white barn! Imagine that.

This was a child who started the school year with very little true spontaneous language. Ninety-nine percent of what he said was echolalic, usually stuff from the TV that he attempted to insert into conversations.

His teacher, likewise, had nothing but good things to say. He did great. He had a lot of fun. He was so cute. She can't wait to send me the pictures.

This was a child who was scared of everything, who couldn't tolerate changes in routine, who went on one terribly miserable field trip last summer to a therapeutic pony farm for special-needs kids and couldn't tell me anything about it, and who had to be removed from the group multiple times because of tantrums and various freak-outs.

This is a child that I'm so very proud of today.

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nonmember avatar Belle

Excuse me while I pretend there isn't a lump in my throat. Yay Noah!

nonmember avatar Mouse

We were so used to our son being behind in speech that even though it was clear he was making progress once he started OT (something about getting the neurons firing properly with physical activity jump-started his speech), it wasn't until his new preschool teacher the next year prefaced a sentence with "He's so verbal..." that I realized how far he'd come.


Sounds like you have the right people working with him and guiding him.  It's always nice to get reports like those!

nonmember avatar Amanda

Yayyyy!  I love all your updates (they help so many of us), I love these the best. 

nonmember avatar mpotter

that is truly awesome.  yay for you all!

progress is spectacular.  keep it up, noah.

lovin... lovinangels

and we are so proud of you, too.

nonmember avatar Mark

I don't know you...but have a child for whom I yearn for good progress reports, too.  May God grant you many more such moments, and may they sustain you through the difficult ones, too.

jcdmom jcdmom

That really is great!!

I only hear he needs improvement. We know he can do it he just doesn't ect.....

Thanks for sharing

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